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Smart Street Lighting for Smart Cities
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Tondo Smart Ltd. is a global leader in Smart Lighting and Smart Network infrastructure that enables the vision for connected Smart Cities and Smart Enterprises. Tondo provides industry-leading smart lighting solutions that combine intelligent lighting controllers with a centralized management system, an open connectivity platform, and a wide array of pre-integrated sensors to deliver city-scale infrastructure with unlimited possibilities.

Tondo turns smart lighting into smart infrastructure – our open network gives you unlimited possibilities. With Tondo’s Smart Lighting solutions, every outdoor light and pole becomes a platform for expanding your Smart City vision. Tondo’s Plug-and-Play technology automatically activates itself. Our controllers identify the type of lighting they are connected to, and configures themselves in a few seconds. Tondo’s Cloud-IQ Central Management System (CMS) provides you with secure remote control and data protection. Tondo Cloud-IQ allows you to monitor, configure, and provide software updates across the network to avoid costly field work.

Tondo goes way beyond smart lighting: As an open IoT platform, we offer a foundation for long-term value and future innovation. A Tondo Smart Lighting solution also provides you with the IoT communications and control infrastructure for Smart City and Smart Enterprise applications. Tondo provides an open architecture to help you avoid creating silos of information in your municipality. From traffic management to air-quality, we empower cities to optimize their services and their managers to make better decisions.

The Tondo Smart-Lighting System includes all the hardware, software, and management services that cities need, as well as customized turnkey solutions. Developed by expert computer-security professionals, the system infrastructure features banking-level security from device to cloud, including state-of-the-art hardware encryption. Finally, our open APIs enable interoperability and facilitate seamless integration with all mobile network operators, third-party service providers, and future smart-city solutions.
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