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Quantela Inc. is a technology company offering end-to-end urban digitization solutions to cities and communities around the world. The company was founded in 2015 as a simple dashboard company, working with other technology partners to help cities digitize their urban infrastructure. Over time, our dashboard evolved into an award-winning, custom-built smart city platform, supporting 100+ smart city projects across the Americas, EMEA, CIS, India and APJ markets.

Through our award-winning Quantela Platform and pioneering outcomes business models, we empower cities and communities with the right digital infrastructure, data, and analytics to deliver greater economic, social, and environmental outcomes for their constituents. Working with cities and towns; utilities, and public venues, our team of 400+ experts offer a vast array of outcomes business models through technologies like digital advertising, smart lighting, smart traffic, smart land registration, and digitized citizen services.

We pride ourselves on our agility, innovation, and passion to use technology for a higher purpose. Unlike other technology companies, we tailor our offerings (what we can digitize) and the business model (how we partner with our customer to deliver that digitization) to drive measurable outcomes where our customers need it most. Over the last several months alone, we have served customers to deliver outcomes like increased medical response times to save lives; reduced traffic congestion to keep cities moving and created new revenue streams to tackle societal issues like homelessness.

Our Quantela platform can connect with and capture information from multiple data sources giving you significantly deeper insights into what’s happening in your city/community. Use the Quantela platform to help you reduce operational expenses, ensure less down time, lower energy costs, create safer streets, and build a foundation for digitized city services.
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