GNC Bluray, Inc.

GNC Bluray, Inc.

Aquarium Lights
3109 Grand Avenue, STE 574
Miami, FL 33133
United States
Parent company
GNC Italia

GNC Bluray, Inc. provides LED lighting solutions specifically designed for coral reproduction in natural and salty waters. With a commitment to quality, design, innovation, and sustainability, the company aims to revolutionize the aquarium industry and contribute to coral conservation efforts.

GNC Bluray, Inc. introduces its renowned product lines to the US, featuring the new Bluray X and Bluray X M lighting series with a complete mobile application using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. These cutting-edge LED lights are meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of coral reproduction, ensuring optimal conditions for marine enthusiasts, public aquariums, and research facilities.

Mario Giulietti, CEO & Co-Founder of GNC, has always been fascinated and active in the world of design, technological innovation and electronics. From his passion for aquariums, thanks to his creativity, the first designer aquarium lamp was born. From here, GNC's continuous research and development have led to the creation of a top-of-the-range product, reaching the ambitious generation…X!

The spark of our passion was born inside a room while we were fascinated by the vision of aquariums. The fish, corals and aquatic plants were a varied symphony of shapes and colours, each with its own story to tell. Combining them together was like weaving the threads of a harmonious picture, in its colors and shapes. A deep love for electronics and instilled in us the passion to turn that vision into reality, bringing lighting excellence to the fascinating world of aquariums.

Because GNC is not just the acronym of Genio Nato per Creare but a company that has the ambition of wanting to offer the best possible for all aquarium enthusiasts, combining sensitivity towards the animal world, design research and innovation.

The satisfaction of our customers is the result of the sensitivity and listening we have towards them; knowledge of the LED sector and the continuous search for solutions is the means to surprise and excite!

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