Intelligent Streetlights for Smart Cities
IoT Connected Street Lighting, IoT Platforms, IoT Infrastructure
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Founded in 2011, Fonda is a professional solution provider of smart outdoor lighting control system and smart city infrastructures. Fonda has been implemented the state of the art smart solutions for more than 80 countries and 200 cities or regions all over the world in the past 9 years. With smart lighting control solutions, the cities not only reduce energy consumption and operating costs, but also get ready for smart city digitalization. FondaCity platform integrated the wireless remote control for street lighting, façade lighting, tunnel lighting and solar lighting together with intelligent Pole-the bridge to smart city, and also could be scalable to various applications of smart city, such as smart parking, smart waste management, smart traffic and so on.

Fonda's SCCS platform is designed to manage and control the power cabinets and street lights with different communication technology, including street lighting control by PLC, RS485, Zigbee, LoRaWAN, RF Mesh and NB-IoT. It also provides different smart lighting applications for street lighting, facade lighting, solar lighting, tunnel lighting and smart poles. Map based visualization, real-time and total energy report and malfunction alarm helps to make decisions in time and reduce operational cost significantly. It is a cloud-based solution with advanced communication and easy integration with existing installations, can monitor individual luminaries up to millions of lamp nodes. It facilitates reduction in power consumption, CO2, emission and light pollution and moreover and optimized maintenance planning.

Smart poles plays an important role as one of the IoT infrastructures in smart city. It can be equipped with 5G micro base station, weather station, wireless AP, camera, LED display, public help terminal, online speaker, charging pile and other devices. Smart pole becomes the data collecting sensors of smart city, and share to each responsible department, ultimately achieving a more efficient and integrated city management. Fonda smart pole is deployed both in FondaCity and SCCS platform, so that all of the management and operation could be done in a central platform, making the maintenance work easier and more efficient.

Fonda develops advanced communication technologies for the Internet of Things, including but not limited to Power Line Communication (PLC), GPRS, Zigbee and WIFI. By integrating PLC and wireless communication technologies seamlessly, Fonda has developed an intelligent street lighting control and management system (with patented technology), which provides its customers with the least expensive and the most reliable solution to significantly reduce power consumption, operating costs and environment impacts.

Fonda also offers power line communication lines and wireless communication modules, which are readily to be integrated into smart automation systems including lighting, heating and cooling, security, fire detection, access control, or energy monitoring equipment for both commercial and residential buildings. Fonda is dedicated to providing energy saving solutions.
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