Focal Point, LLC., a Legrand company, is a vertically integrated, Chicago-based architectural lighting and integrated acoustical systems manufacturer. For more than 25 years, Focal Point has brought it all to light with beautiful, efficient luminaires and acoustic solutions that stand the test of time, human-centric technology, and a commitment to being easy to do business with.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional products and services to those who specify and install them. We are guided by our belief that great lighting isn’t just about meeting technical design requirements – it’s about people and enhancing their experience in the spaces they inhabit – our focus has been on creating superior luminaire designs that stand the test of time while comfortably defining the space. Staying true to our design credo, we are now integrating lighting and sound management using beautifully simple forms to complement architecture, deliver optimal illumination, and control sound.

Focal Point is a front-runner in the United States for specification-grade architectural lighting for non-residential buildings – including hospitals, schools and universities, offices and more – and offers customized solutions, in particular for renovation. It has built a solid reputation, driven by innovation, customer service, and a wide network of partner lighting agents.

Using the most advanced equipment and processes, we deliver superior luminaires and acoustic solutions. Our specification grade products are suited for a broad range of applications, and we’re always reaching out to new markets with innovative designs that are engineered by our own experts. Our ever-expanding product line is sold and distributed via independent lighting agents worldwide. We’re bringing it all to light with beautiful, efficient luminaires and acoustic solutions that stand the test of time.
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Latest updates

  1. Focal Point Introduces the New ID+ 3.5" Pure Cylinders

    A powerful cylinder with a sleek, solid body and slim edge that is highly specifiable for a...
  2. Focal Point's Connected Solutions Program Now Compatible With Lutron Athena Control Systems

    Integration with the Lutron Athena control systems is now available with the addition of the...
  3. Focal Point Unveils Lia Family Pendant Lights

    Lia is the perfect combination of style and performance. Sleek PET-felt fins surround a powerful...

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