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7090 Columbia Gateway Drive, Suite 140
Columbia, MD 21046
United States

Autani is a US-based building technology company that specializes in utilizing the power of the Internet of Things to create Smart Buildings. We were founded in 2006 in Columbia, Maryland. We design, build and manufacture lighting, HVAC and Internet of Things (IoT) sensor platforms for almost any size and type of facility. We pride ourselves on creating systems that are innovative and powerful but, most importantly, easy to use, install and manage.

Smart Buildings is easy with Autani.

Measure, report, control and optimize energy use in a single building or across multiple facilities, all from an integrated platform. Generate energy savings automatically, year-after-year while enhancing the comfort and productivity of all the building occupants.

You can utilize just one of these Autani Solutions or all of them because they’re designed to work seamlessly together so you have exactly the technology you need.

Autani’s management software goes far beyond standard cost savings. It can unlock insights into your customer behaviors, space utilization and optimization, as well as create comfort engineered spaces that are in tune with the needs of the building users.

Autani systems are wireless, which means that installation is simple and efficient compared to wired solutions. The Autani Commissioning application dramatically reduces commissioning time for large-scale projects.

Uniting existing wired lighting with wireless lighting controls to create a practical lighting solutions managed via EnergyCenter. This system is also open to be augmented with HVAC, plug load, refrigeration sensing, people counting and metering management. Autani devices allow you to unite existing wired technologies with modern wireless technologies. It creates an easy to use system that all connects to EnergyCenter for automation, scheduling, monitoring and control.

Wireless outdoor lighting management ensures that your grounds are properly illuminated in the right place, at the right time. Autani can help you find the balance between energy savings, outdoor safety, and the appropriate light levels needed to maximize the appeal of your facilities. Dimming control at each fixture allows the business manager to adjust the spatial distribution of lighting as well as change the dimming level to lower levels during non-business hours. Estimated energy savings would be between 20 and 30%.

Unlike many IoT solutions available, Autani is designed to scale up without having to change hardware. Autani works with existing products you may have installed.
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