Contemporary Desk Lamps, Office Task Lights, Kids Desk Lamps, Floor Lamps for Reading and Task Lighting, Table Lamps for Localized General Lighting, Wall Mounted Reading Lamps, Vanity Lights, Close-to-ceiling LED Light Fixtures
Huijia Industrial Zone, Xikeng Village
Huihuan Street, Zhongkai National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone
Huizhou, Guangdon
Walsun Lighting designs and manufactures a distinctive range of LED desk lamps, LED floor lamps, LED wall lights and LED ceiling lights. Walsun has distinguished itself since 2001 by providing exquisitely designed and exceptionally engineered light fixtures that enhance contemporary working and living environments. Through the years, Walsun has stayed true to its founding principles of design-driven innovation, impeccable quality and high customer satisfaction. Walsun's exceptional product engineering and manufacturing capabilities combined with unrivaled quality control make the company uniquely qualified to meet the challenges of competition in the global market.

Walsun's interior lights blend innovative LED technology with a minimalist silhouette to add a residential feel, refined aesthetics and a human scale to architectural spaces. A stylish interpretation of the simplicity characterized by slim arms, linear light sources and contrasting finishes, Walsun products perfectly complement a wide range of decor in modern homes. With a genuine passion for trendsetting design and future-proof lighting, a team of talented designers in Walsun is dedicated to delivering truly meaningful architectural lighting that makes a seamlessly transition to modern sustainable technology that combine superior performance and energy efficiency with aesthetically appealing design.

Not only does Walsun excel at providing unique, sophisticated design, but has strong in-house capabilities to drive value in all parts of the process, from design to delivery. The effective and efficient end-to-end turnkey solutions make Walsun a prominent manufacturer of value-added, breathtaking light fixtures.
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