For over 30 years, as an international enterprise, Planlicht specializes in high-quality luminaires. The company offers stand-alone or complex lighting systems for shops and office areas. Personalized customer care, and a strong export orientation distinguishes us from our competition.

In addition to high-end products, Planlicht offers an all-round service. Customers are accompanied for all project stages ranging from initial idea creation, project planning up-to product delivery. Delivering customer satisfaction is our top priority. This is why each project is unique and through our personalised customer care, each project is special.

At headquarters, PLANLICHT develops and produces high-quality luminaires. The company offers stand-alone solutions as well as complex lighting systems. Planlicht luminaires are deployed for hotels, shops, public buildings and private projects at an international level. Every planlicht product is Tirolean quality- carefully assembled and tested.

While the ideal lighting has a stimulating effect on the human body early in the morning, it also aids concentration at work during the day and creates a relaxing atmosphere in the evening. The intelligent lighting solutions from PLANLICHT achieve this effect by adapting not only the luminous intensity but also the colour temperature, depending on the particular situation.

Planlicht was one of the first manufacturers to equip its entire range with Human Centric Lighting functions. Especially in offices, where people work for long periods of time, a scientifically proven increase in concentration and well-being can be achieved by using HCL technology

At Planlicht, this consistent focus on human needs does not stop at the lighting itself. That’s because the company also produces special acoustic luminaires and panels in Vomp. The natural insulation materials incorporated into these products – such as hay and sheep’s wool – filter out disruptive, ambient noises and transform every open-plan office into a noisefree workplace.

In cooperation with the Tyrolean company Organoid Technologies a unique acoustic luminaire was created – sinus quiet. With organoid surfaces a special atmosphere comes up by this connection of sound absorption and technical lighting by Planlicht.

Especially for office solutions a unique fitting in light and sound was created with quadro quiet. 10 louvre colours and 7 different felt absorbers offer a variety of possibilities. And those who like it the alpine way: on demand quadro quiet can also be equipped with the organoid surfaces.
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