Lighting Technologies International (LTI)

Lighting Technologies International (LTI)

Laser Systems, Cinema Xenon Lamps, Stage/Studio Xenon Lamps
13700 Live Oak Avenue
Baldwin Park, California 91706
United Kingdom
LTI is a leading manufacturer of specialty lighting products for the global cinema and entertainment industry. Moviegoers expect to be dazzled by the latest CGI technology. Fans anticipate thrilling, high-tech effects at concerts. Event attendees want an immersive entertainment experience. At Lighting Technologies International Inc. (LTI), we believe the technologies that illuminate these cinemas, stages and venues should be just as advanced and future-ready as the applications they support.

To that end, we continue to transform our laser illumination systems, cinema xenon lamps and stage/studio xenon lamps to provide high-quality, next-gen cinema and entertainment lighting. With an established history of xenon technology innovations, LTI has evolved alongside the industries we serve, delivering advanced products that shine brighter, last longer and better support even the most complex requirements.

In addition to our existing line of xenon lamps, LTI offers our branded LongPlay xenon lamps and recently introduced the revolutionary new Helios™ laser systems, which integrate with any digital cinema projector, eliminating the expense of purchasing a new projector. Because we specialize in these technologies, our resources and experts are committed to supporting our customers’ specific needs, from xenon lamp replacements to fully customized solutions. Furthermore, our reputation for quick delivery, responsive service and global reach makes us a preferred industry provider.

All LTI manufacturing, engineering and business operations have remained headquartered in Baldwin Park, Calif., since the company’s founding in 1999, ensuring all of our products are fully designed and made in the U.S. Conveniently, our Southern California location makes LTI well-positioned to provide lighting solutions for the local entertainment and cinema industries.

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