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Rua Fonte Moura, 227, Vale do Grou
3750-064 Aguada de Cima

Artinox - Fabrica Metalurgica, SA is an indoor lighting manufacturer with his own production process based in Portugal - city of Agueda - fully capacitated to develop any project from the stretch with his own brand for Hospitality, Cruise Ship, Commercial and Living spaces.

We are delighted to be able to combine our traditional craftsmanship, quality and contemporary design - a successful concept that has made Artinox lighting one of the European leading supplier of lighting.

The accessibility to our factory in Portugal give us flexibility in delivery and adaptability to react just about anything to any type of project, having the strength to develop customised lighting solutions.

Pick one of our products and change it or take advantage of our flexibility to design and produce something completely new.

Indoor lighting combine functionality and comfort playing an important role to create a special experience through a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere in any space.

Artinox lighting solutions highlight architectures while providing the proper illumination in any hospitality, commercial or living space.
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