Products Signage Lighting: LED Sign Modules

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An LED sign module is a discrete assembly of LED packages which can be connected in groups to provide a source of light for channel letters, light boxes, and other types of illuminated signage. Signage lighting is intended to enhance the visual effectiveness of a sign and call attention to the information to which a sign refers during hours of darkness or in environments of low visibility. In retail and commercial settings, illumination of signage helps strengthen brand identity, communicate store or corporate image, attract and engage customers, and create visual interest. LED sign modules are used to create flexible strands of light that are not confined to a rigid, pre-determined form or structure and can accommodate a nearly limitless array of irregular surfaces, planes and configurations. Exceptional installation flexibility makes these compact LED modules a superior alternative to neon or fluorescent tubes as well as LED strips and tubes. The use of LED sign modules is not just about signage lighting. Their unrivaled adaptability also caters to architectural accents and furniture-integrated backlighting.

An LED sign module is usually a lightweight, low power, and weather resistant LED assembly with its housing and lens injection molded from ABS or PVC and PC or PMMC, respectively. The majority of the LED modules have a power rating under 2 watts. These products typically use SMD LEDs of solid white, solid color or polychromatic colors, although chip-on-board (COB) packages find their use in applications where extremely uniform illumination is critical. Each module contains 1 to 6 LED packages. The polychromatic LEDs are commonly designed as multi-chip packages (e.g., 4-in-1 RGBW or RGBA). The fully integrated lens spreads the light in a 120° to 170° beam angle. LED sign modules may take a square, rectangular, round or linear shape. Outdoor installations may be continuously exposed to harsh environments and thus require the LED modules to have a high ingress protection (IP) rating and be UV resistant. To ensure color consistency across a signage installation the chromaticity, lumen output, and sometimes forward voltage of the phosphor converted white LEDs must be binned within a tight set of bounds. Monochromatic or narrow band emission LEDs are typically sorted by dominant wavelength or peak wavelength. LED sign modules are operated by constant voltage power supplies with a typical output voltage of 12V DC.