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Products Smart Sports Lighting Solutions

A smart sports lighting solution creates a central nervous system that streamlines infrastructure management, enhances the value of lighting systems, and opens up a world of multi-faceted possibilities to develop new capabilities and revenue streams. It blurs the boundary between operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) to build a lighting infrastructure that allows for communication, collaboration and interoperation to exist between luminaires, their environment, and other digital participants. The application of interoperable standards, the use of robust connectivity platforms, the integration of digital controls, and the deployment of intelligent LED lighting systems combine to bring sports lighting to the forefront of sophistication and sustainability. By getting the most out of data streams, processing power and applications available within and beyond the IP-based network, a smart sports lighting implementation creates a luminous environment that brings the spectacle of a game to a new level of expectations and drives informed decisions to optimize every aspect of lighting operation.

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