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Products Smart Retail Lighting Solutions

A smart retail lighting solution is intended to create a digital ecosystem that transforms the lighting infrastructure from a fixed property to a strategic asset. Following the trends of switching to solid state lighting (SSL), planting intelligence and connectivity into lighting systems and making them actively adapt to people and spaces have brought about yet another revolution.

Lighting is an integral part of business operations as well as visual communication between people that participating in various business activities. Nowhere else does this become as apparent as in retail environments. Harvesting the digital nature of LED lighting and using the Internet of Things (IoT) as the backbone for connected lighting systems allow retail facility operators to control every aspect of lighting for tailoring environments that maximize sales prospects and operational efficiencies.

The introduction of smart lighting into retail facilities not only creates great possibilities for flexibility and variation in the lighting design, but also delivers a stream of data-driven insights that drive resource and process optimization.

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