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Products Smart Office Lighting Solutions

A smart office lighting solution combines solid state lighting, intelligence, networking and sensing to create an ecosystem that can learn from its environment and adapt lighting to people and spaces, allowing occupant satisfaction, organizational productivity and energy efficiency to be maximized. The office environment is a strategic asset that can make or break a business. It must satisfy a variety of human needs so people working there can execute, collaborate, create, innovate, strategize and socialize in the most favorable way possible. At the same time, struggles to comply with ever-tightening energy codes never stop. In office buildings, lighting is a critical factor that may enhance or degrade space utilization, task performance, environmental satisfaction, occupant health and well-being, and energy effectiveness. Office lighting should support the work experience by providing an attractive, responsive, productive and sustainable environment. Optimum visual conditions must exist to ensure visual performance and enhance the work space. From an operations viewpoint, the energy cost and maintenance expenses tend to get the most attention. It is paramount to reduce the ownership cost of the lighting systems to a minimum.

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