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Products Smart Warehouse Lighting Solutions

A smart warehouse lighting solution is aimed to create a digital network of intelligent, sensor-laden lighting systems that operate with a high level of energy effectiveness, provide highly controllable illumination to support flexible use of a space, and deliver good visibility to support a safe and productive working environment. As LED technology has made its way into warehouse lighting applications, there is an increasing need to build advanced control functionality into warehouse lighting systems. High source efficacies are only one aspect of energy effectiveness with LED technology. Significant additional energy savings can be achieved through optimization of intensity level of LED lighting systems, and even optimization of the spectral power distribution (SPD) for the function of the light. Unlocking the full energy saving potential of LED lighting while simultaneously supporting occupant satisfaction of use of a space requires the lighting systems to dynamically adapt with the changing contexts such that the right amount and composition of light is delivered where it is needed and when it is needed.

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