Products Smart Lighting Solutions for Smart Homes

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Products Smart Lighting Solutions for Smart Homes

A smart lighting solution seeks to create a digital ecosystem where smart lights installed across a living space can collaborate with each other and allow seamless integration with the smart home system. A smart home is a context-aware environment where lights, thermostats, air conditioners, fridges, home theater systems, security elements (cameras, alarms, locks), and other smart systems, appliances and devices all automate in tandem with one another to make the living space comfortable, enjoyable, safe and secure. A smart home is an evolution of traditional home automation. It embraces the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) to tie together automation on audio-visual and entertainment systems, energy management and climate control systems, home appliances and service robotics, lighting and window control systems, healthcare and assisted living systems. The role of smart lighting is to adapt in a holistic way the luminous environment to user needs, the changing contexts and the collaborative requirements from other home automation applications.

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