Products Interior Wall Lights for Ambient Lighting

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Products Interior Wall Lights for Ambient Lighting

An ambient wall light is a wide-distribution luminaire designed to provide overall lighting to a space, as opposed to a task or accent light which is designed to provide illumination for a clearly defined zone. It spreads out light or diffuses light in all directions, filling in shadows, defining a space and establishing the overall Impression users have of a space. The level of illumination produced by an ambient light should allow comfortable movement in the space and other basic visual recognition without necessarily drawing attention to the light source.

Also called general lighting, ambient lighting is a fundamental component of a layered lighting design which is intended to create a flexible and appealing space. It serves as the base layer of lighting, upon which the task and accent layers of lighting are added. The soft, subtle form of background illumination must be there such that accent lighting can create visual interest, and luminance ratios of the task and its immediate surround can be optimally maintained to avoid discomfort and eye fatigue from constant visual adaptation to extremes of brightness.

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