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Products Smart High Bay Lights

A smart high bay light is an interoperable LED lighting system that incorporates processing capabilities, firmware, and connectivity to support data-driven automated lighting solutions. The intelligent, connected luminaire can leverage data collected from occupancy or daylight sensors, network controllers, personal control devices (e.g., smartphones, tablets), third party systems, or any combination of these, to dynamically adapt its operation with the changing contexts. The digital transformation in lighting opens up a huge new range of possibilities to enhance the value of lighting systems, improve the utilization of the space, and create an environment that maximally satisfies occupant needs. With computing and Internet connectivity brought into lighting systems, the lighting infrastructure of industrial and commercial facilities has evolved from a fixed expense to a strategic asset. The cyber-physical integration in high bay lights affords facility managers an opportunity to take a holistic approach to delivering exceptional levels of energy effectiveness along with high-quality illumination.

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