Products Round and UFO High Bay LED Lights

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Products Round and UFO High Bay LED Lights

A UFO high bay light is defined as a round LED luminaire with a low profile achieved through a high level of integration of its optical, thermal, electrical and mechanical systems. It’s a fixture-as-heat-sink LED lighting system in which an array of LEDs are mounted to a large, compact heat sink. The directional nature of LEDs affords LED luminaires the chance to eliminate the use of reflectors and implement optical control directly from the source using individual lens optics. The advantages of the “UFO” design are multifold. The large heat sink allows the heat generated in the LED junction to be spread out over a sufficiently large enough area to facilitate effective LED thermal management. Simultaneously, the “UFO” design creates a light emitting surface (LES) that is significantly larger than round retrofit high bay LED lights. With properly spaced LEDs, UFO high bay LED lights become surface emission devices which provide exceptional uniformity of lighting and maximizes fixture spacing. An additional benefits with the “UFO” design is that the compact form factor reduces packaging volume and facilitates transportation and storage.

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