Need help locating SMD 3528 LED datasheet


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I need help locating a datasheet from 2 different kinds of SMD LEDs I purchased. I've searched thoroughly without result. I asked the seller months ago without getting a response. I have tested them and they do work. Here is where I got them from:
One is a white SMD LED. The other is an RGB LED.
The white one is called, SX-3528-WW. In the description the seller doesn't include a voltage or amperage value. In the RGB SMD LEDs description the seller includes both, but not the name. Nor does the seller specify if the current value of 20ma is for all the LEDs at the same time or if that's just for one of the LEDs inside the SMD 3528 package.

I'm also very interested in the datasheet so I can see a graph where I can get the current vs. luminosity values.



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Addendum: My recent research reveals that the lux values that could be obtained from the manufacturer and the values I could obtain with a (calibrated) meter would not tell me how much photon energy the LEDs are outputting, only how bright one particular wavelength emitted by the LEDs is.
So, I need the datasheet to learn the photon energy outputs of each LED because spending $500 for a quantum flux meter to measure a <$0.01 LED bulb is stupid.
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