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Products Underwater LED Boat Lights

Underwater lights are submersible luminaires that illuminate from the hull sides and/or bottom of a boat to create engaging ambiances, attract fish, or enhance safety. Underwater boat lighting is now an exclusive realm of LED lights. LEDs draw much less power than incandescent lamps, which means they are less likely to strain marine batteries and electrical systems. LEDs run natively on DC power. This inherent compatibility simplifies integration of the underwater LED lights with the DC electrical systems of the boats. Low voltage operation of the LEDs provides for electrical safety. Another great benefit of LED technology is long operational life. Underwater LED lights require virtually no maintenance over their rated life which usually exceeds 30,000 hours. With LED lighting the visual performance of lighting, such as color effects and optical distribution, can also be improved.

Underwater LED boat lights can be divided into three types: surface mount, thru-hull, and thru-hull interchangeable lights. Surface mount lights are self-contained systems that incorporate all components into a single assembly and attach to the exterior of the hull. Thru-hull lights have shafts going through the hull and often mount flush with the hull. The LED driver can be mounted remotely. Thru-hull interchangeable lights are thru-hull fixtures designed with detachable LED modules.

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