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Products Smart Security Lights

A smart security light is a connected lighting device that can be integrated into the IP (Internet Protocol) infrastructure and allows for communication and interaction between the light, people, and the environment. It serves as a security force multiplier by incorporating security lighting, video surveillance and security alarms for intrusion detection and deterrence. Smart security lights are designed to provide the ability to generate a response to unsociable activity as well as to monitor, record, and stream video over a network to smartphones or IP-capable control devices. The transition from traditional security lighting systems to smart connected solutions creates an unprecedented ability to optimize and manage security and enable cost-effective, hassle-free, realtime resolution to time-sensitive security threats. Smart security lighting extends far beyond simply illuminating entryways, garage entrances, building perimeters and other entry points on pre-set positions, it provides contextual awareness with multiple sensor inputs and video motion detection (VMD) technology to support an integrated security concept.

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