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Products Smart Pendant Lights | App-controlled LED Hanging Lights

Pendant lights are amongst the most versatile fixtures. Their footprint can be found in all types of interior spaces such as living rooms, foyers, dining rooms, bedrooms, offices, hotels, restaurants, showrooms and retail stores. They are used to provide the ambient, accent, and task layers of lighting to maximize the use of a space. Hanging gracefully from the ceiling, pendant lighting lends itself to every interior decor. Pendants can stand out as artistic centerpieces to make a grand impression. They can also be designed to subtly blend into the environment they serve and tie the aesthetics of a room together.

A smart pendant light is an intelligent, networked LED hanging light which can be remotely operated, controlled and automated. The concept of smart lighting for residential and hospitality applications is to provide a convenient, flexible and creative way for people to manage their visual environments. Nothing is more satisfying than controlling pendant lights all from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet, making a single environment flexible enough to accommodate visual needs for every occasion and activity, and getting creative with illumination for immersive experiences.

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