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Products Smart Floor Lamps

A smart floor lamp is a connected lighting system that can respond to control commands sent over a wireless communication network and has embedded programmability to automate the delivery of the correct amount and/or composition of light at the right time. Floor lamps are among the most versatile light fixtures. These self-supporting lights are all-rounders when it comes to lighting design for interior spaces. Residential and hospitality environments demand layered lighting from a variety of sources to create a fully usable, adaptive space. An interior lighting design is successful when the ambient, task and accent layers of light are incorporated to complement each other. Floor lamps are often placed in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, home offices and hotel guest rooms to provide diffused ambient light, controlled spreads of task illuminance, and concentrated beams of accent light. Aside from participating in a layered lighting design, floor lamps are frequently designed as showpieces of decorative sentiment to make a visual statement, create a focal point and enhance the interior decor.

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