Products Shelf Lighting: LED Lights for Display Shelves, Bookshelves, Gondola Shelving

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Products Shelf Lighting: LED Lights for Display Shelves, Bookshelves, Gondola Shelving

A shelf light produces localized lighting to illuminate tighter spaces, accentuate merchandise or art pieces, enhance the appearance of the shelf itself, or supplement the room ambiance. Shelf lighting is an essential addition to residential spaces, offices, retail stores, supermarkets, showrooms, museums, galleries, antique stores, hotels, libraries, restaurants and bars. A shelf, which holds items that are being stored, displayed or offered for sale, can be a gondola shelf, bookshelf, bar shelf, wine and liquor display, closet shelf, kitchen shelf, bathroom shelf, bedside shelf, display case, trophy case, refrigerated shelf, floating shelf, wall shelf, or corner shelf. No matter how it is designed or where it is placed, the storage space of a shelf is typically out of the reach of overhead lighting. Shelf lighting is thus needed to fill in shadows.

From books, trophies, souvenirs, glassware to decorative items, framed photo prints to kitchen utensils and bathroom tools, getting these items arranged in a manner that facilitates accessibility or accentuation is an indispensable part of interior design for residential spaces. Shelf lighting is the finishing touch to a well-organized shelf. Intimate spaces such as cocktail lounges, night clubs, wine bars and some restaurants characteristically have a subdued atmosphere, which calls for the use of shelf lighting to draw guest attention to liquors and beverages and to enhance the appeal of these drinks. Shelf and showcase lighting in museums and galleries provides illuminance that enhances the aesthetic appreciation of the artworks.

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