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Morimoto Lighting - Dedicated to redefining the automotive aftermarket for high intensity lighting. Atlanta, USA.

We redefine the automotive aftermarket for high intensity lighting. Taking the poorly lit back roads has never been more exciting with Morimoto powered headlamps. Morimoto lighting was established in 2008 to fill the gap in the aftermarket for truly high quality automotive lighting products. Without the budget of a major automaker to back R&D and production, individual consumers could either salvage original equipment components, or be forced to settle for inferior aftermarket parts...

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Dive into the world of advanced automotive lighting with this video featuring Morimoto's XB LED Tail Lights! Introducing the Morimoto Backup Light Bar, the ultimate solution for enhancing your vehicle's reverse lighting. This high-output LED light bar is designed to perfectly complement Morimoto XB LED tail lights, delivering maximum brightness when you need it most. Installation is a breeze with its plug-and-play design, especially if you're already using Morimoto XB tail lights with the Backup Light Boost connection. The Backup Light Bar is constructed with a durable die-cast aluminum housing, ensuring a flush fit with US-spec license plates. Its advanced optics create an efficient beam pattern for optimal illumination during reverse maneuvers. With a 10-degree mounting angle, it offers a vertical range from -20 to +25 degrees, exceeding standard reverse light performance. Technical specifications include 54 CREE J Series 2835 LEDs with a 4500K/80CRI rating, driven by a 180mA driver that produces 29.9W of power. This translates to an impressive 2700 raw lumens, providing you with 1950 real lumens after passing through the optical lens. Say goodbye to the hassle of splicing OEM wiring with these upgraded, easy-to-install LED lights that promise not only a major boost in style but also superior performance. Crafted to mimic OEM quality, these lights come with durable ABS plastic housing and UV-resistant polycarbonate lenses, available in red and smoked variants for most models. Plus, with a 5-year warranty, your investment is secure.

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Morimoto Introduces BigBanger Replacement Lenses

Now introducing the Morimoto BigBanger Replacement Lenses! Tailored to meet your specific driving needs, these lenses are available in two dynamic beam patterns. Experience the focused brilliance of the Spot Beam for unparalleled long-range visibility, or choose the Combo Beam, which offers a perfect balance between width and distance, enhancing your daily driving comfort. Choose the clear optic for all-around visibility or the yellow optic for superior...

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Unveil unmatched performance and design for your Volkswagen T6.1 with the Morimoto XB LED Headlights, featuring LED projectors for bright, wide beams that enhance night visibility, and unique DRL optics that outshine traditional aftermarket options. These headlights offer configurable DRL colors and turn signals that can be set to sequential or standard modes, with an elegant fade effect. A captivating start-up sequence greets you upon ignition start-up, while their OE-spec design ensures a perfect fit and hassle-free installation. Backed by a 5-year warranty, the XB LED headlights represent a lasting investment in your VW van's aesthetics and performance. Watch our video to discover how these headlights can transform your driving experience.
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