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Magnitude Lighting - Manufacturer of LED drivers for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Tustin, USA.

Magnitude Lighting is an independent LED power company that focuses on LED drivers and transformers for Commercial, Industrial and Residential applications. Magnitude Lighting is one of the first companies in the industry to bring dimmable LED drivers into the linear lighting market.

Magnitude Lighting’s advanced LED drivers and transformers bring innovation to commercial and residential lighting. Our team works with distributors, original equipment manufacturers and construction...

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Magnitude Lighting has a new update entry:

Magnitude Lighting Introduces VersaDrive, Its Most Adaptable LED Driver

We are beyond excited to unveil our latest innovation in LED technology – VersaDrive!.

VersaDrive is a state-of-the-art 24V LED driver, carefully designed to make your projects shine like never before! With power options of 288W and 300W, this cutting-edge LED driver offers unparalleled compatibility with a wide array of #LEDtape products, providing you with endless possibilities for creative #lightingsolutions.

The Magnitude VersaDrive is an LED driver that you can trust. It meets FCC...

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Magnitude Lighting introduced three new products during LEDucation in New Your City, with over 10,000 visitors, this event is the largest venue in the lighting industry in the Americas.
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