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Products Machine Vision Lights

A machine vision light is used in a machine vision application to facilitate accurate image acquisition by creating contrast between an object under inspection and its background. Machine vision refers to the ability of machines to perform automated image acquisition and analysis. This technology allows industrial machines and equipment to see and identify objects just like the human eye—yet with efficiency and accuracy that are not possible with human operators.

Because of their speed, precision, and repeatability, machine vision systems are proliferating in an increasing number of industrial applications. They are implemented to automate quality control procedures such as dimension verification, parts placement accuracy, defect detection, PCB (printed circuit board) inspection, label placement, label printing, coatings integrity, circuit continuity, and color verification. As a crucial part of factory automation, machine vision is engaged in real-time process control and machine monitoring to react to changes and problems as they develop. A machine vision system can be configured to provide material handling, dimensional measurements, code reading, character recognition, robotic guidance, etc.

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