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Products Low Bay LED Lights

A low bay LED light is an industrial or commercial ceiling light designed for use in buildings where the mounting height is less than 6.1 meters (20 feet) or the application requires a spacing-to-mounting height ratio greater than 1.5. Luminaires designed to provide general or area illumination in industrial and commercial facilities are classified relative to their installation heights. The term “low bay” was created to correspond to its counterpart “high bay” which refers to the high ceiling construction of an industrial building. Industrial buildings typically have a skeletal framework that forms an interior subspace called a “bay”. The “bay” is now used broadly to mean any large interior space. High bay luminaires, therefore, are those used in applications where mounting heights that are 20 feet or higher. However, the mounting height is not a rigid rule for classification of bay lights. It is not uncommon to see low bay facilities are illuminated by high bay lights, and vice versa.

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