Products LED Packages for Automotive Signal Lights

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Products LED Packages for Automotive Signal Lights

Automotive signaling LED packages are specifically designed for use in exterior signal lights which are attached at the front, side and rear of a vehicle to increase the visibility of the vehicle and provide information for other road users. Active and passive safety lighting goes hand in hand to reduce the risk potential for all road users. Automotive lighting is not simply about providing optimal visual conditions for the vehicle driver in low light and poor weather conditions, but also takes into account the driver’s need to be seen by oncoming and preceding vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. Automotive signal lights are perception and communication tools designed to provide optimal vehicle visibility. They make use of visible light as a safety element to indicate the presence and size of a vehicle and allow vehicle drivers to communicating their intentions such as turning, braking, accelerating and hazard warning. These lighting devices drive a set of life-critical interactions through the influence of both static and dynamic lighting.

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