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Products Indoor Recessed Wall Lights


The use of recessed wall lights allows us to integrate lighting directly into a wall. These light fixtures do the job of illuminating the floor, stair treads or any activity area at the perimeter of a room, without becoming the headliner. Narrower halls, corridors, stairwells, circulation aeras, and rooms with heavy traffic near walls are best served recessed wall lights. They are also used in interior spaces where wall-mount lighting must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Light is directed downward toward the floor to provide comfortable visibility. They can be used to balance overhead sources with localized ambient light to compensate for where the overhead lighting doesn’t reach. Recessed wall lighting can be a part of architectural lighting that works to serve and enhance spatial experiences. Low level recessed wall lights that produce asymmetric, forward-throw light distributions are used to deliver horizontal wall wash lighting. The design goal is to bathe the floor in light, showing off the floor covering and providing visual guidance.

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