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IKIO LED Lighting - Commercial, industrial, hazardous, and horticultural lighting manufacturer. Indianapolis, USA.

IKIO is a leading US-based manufacturer of LED Lighting Solutions for Commercial, Industrial, Horticulture, Multi-family Residential/Hospitality, Hazardous Location and Solar Outdoor Lighting applications. We deliver the right solutions and value for your LED Lighting requirements because of our innovative approach and vertically integrated infrastructure. In addition to achieving energy savings through IKIO LED solutions, we also perform power quality audits and design and deliver power...

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IKIO LED Lighting, a leading manufacturer and supplier of energy-efficient lighting solutions, displayed our extensive range of innovative products at the Lighting Fair 2022. The event was a great opportunity for us to meet and greet our existing and new clients, partners, and industry experts, and to have productive discussions about the latest trends and challenges in the lighting sector.

We also exhibited our commitment to sustainability, quality, and how we plan to continue our growth and excellence in the future, which are the core values of our brand. The video highlights some of the successful beginnings that we achieved at the Lighting Fair 2022. Watch the video to discover more about us and our outstanding range of lighting solutions.

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IKIO introduces the OVE Emergency Mini Wall Pack

IKIO introduces the OVE Emergency Mini Wall Pack, an advanced lighting solution engineered to deliver long-lasting illumination in your outdoor spaces. This light adapts seamlessly to any environment, featuring an integrated photocell, IP65 weatherproof rating, emergency backup, and self-testing capability. Designed for efficiency, resilience, and elegance, the OVE Emergency Mini Wall Pack is the ultimate choice for building exteriors, walkways, pathways...

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