IKIO introduces the OVE Emergency Mini Wall Pack, an advanced lighting solution engineered to deliver long-lasting illumination in your outdoor spaces. This light adapts seamlessly to any environment, featuring an integrated photocell, IP65 weatherproof rating, emergency backup, and self-testing capability. Designed for efficiency, resilience, and elegance, the OVE Emergency Mini Wall Pack is the ultimate choice for building exteriors, walkways, pathways, entryways, and exits.

IKIO's Ove Mini Wall Pack comes with CCT selectable capability, allowing users to switch CCTs as needed while effectively illuminating spaces like building facades and narrow pathways. Its compact and sturdy design is enhanced by an anti-corrosive finish, a UV-stabilized PC lens, and waterproof materials, enabling the fixture to outlast its traditional counterparts. Additionally, its integrated photocell sensing technology ensures that there is no wastage of energy and the luminaire lasts long. Choose Ove for enhanced visibility and safety of your premises without compromising aesthetics.

Product features
  • Its CCT selectable feature allows flexibility in applications.
  • Comes with a self-diagnostic test feature that ensures continuous monitoring and automatic detection of potential issues.
  • Integrated sensing technology ensures energy conservation and lasting performance.
  • Dimming capable (0-10V) for enhanced lighting experience.
  • Offers wide light distribution and greater energy savings compared to traditional fixtures.
  • Surge-protected and suitable for wet locations (IP65 rated).
  • Excellent efficacy supported by high lumen output and CRI, resulting in bright and uniform illumination.
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