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Products High Color Rendering LED Packages

A high color rendering LED is a semiconductor-based white light emitter designed with the ability to faithfully reproduce the colors of objects illuminated by the light source. It emits white light that is intended to drive the positive interpretation of the world surrounding us. Color is an expression of light. White light is a mix of many different colors which correspond to radiant energy at different wavelengths in the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum from 380 to 780 nm. High color rendering lighting endeavors to deliver white light that contains an appreciable amount of radiant energy at all or the most important wavelengths. By correctly interacting with the spectral reflectance function of objects, the high color rendering white light can accurately reveal their color personalities. The color rendering performance of a light source is often characterized by its color rendering index (CRI), an internationally established metric. As a result, a light source providing excellent color rendition is commonly referred to as a high CRI light source.

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