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GVA Lighting - Creates facade and structure lighting products from inception to end. Ontario, Canada.

GVA Lighting, Inc. designs and manufactures innovative LED lighting products for architectural and commercial markets. We create outstanding lighting systems by using formula GVA Lighting product = Light + Art + Science + Technology. Every day we create something new. GVA helps creating landmark, and signature architectural lighting projects worldwide in cooperation with the best architects and lighting designers. We like exploring the unchartered waters of new ideas and methods.

We design...

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GVA Lighting has a new update entry:

GVA Lighting Introduces Color-Stream Products Platform

This all-new method of delivering power and controlling LEDs offers exceptional performance and outstanding flexibility for specifiers, who will now be able to combine superior communication speeds (6.25 Mbps with a refresh rate of up to 200Hz) with super-fine dimming (4,096 micro-steps at 40kHz) at even longer single lighting
circuit lengths.

GVA’s flagship technology Infinity®, goes further, from 300 meters to 600 meters for monochromatic, color-changing and dynamic white luminaires with...

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GVA Lighting has a new update entry:

GVA Lighting Unveils STR10: A Beacon of Innovation in Architectural Wall Washing and Grazing

We're thrilled to introduce our brand-new product, STR10™! This outstanding, compact lighting fixture is the latest addition to our STR product range and is available in both Monochromatic and Color Changing configurations. Ideal for architectural wall washing and grazing, the STR10™ is developed on the award-winning COLOR-STREAM® platform, guaranteeing cutting-edge technology that is sure to impress.


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GVA Lighting has a new update entry:

GVA Lighting Expands Global Presence With New Dubai Office

We are thrilled to share the exciting news of GVA Lighting's latest milestone in global expansion – the opening of our new office in Dubai! Led by the accomplished architect Joelle Madi, who has 18 years of expertise in lighting design and project management, this marks a significant step in our commitment to innovation. Situated near Dubai Airport, our state-of-the-art office is set to open in January 2024.

Dubai, UAE – GVA Lighting, a leading innovator in lighting solutions, is...

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