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An exit sign is a graphic device that indicates or identifies an escape route or the location of, or direction to, an exit or the closest emergency exit in the event of fire or other emergency that requires evacuation. Exit pathways and exit access doors must be clearly identified with exit signs that are designed to be absolutely unmistakable and understandable to anyone. Exit signs are increasingly in pictogram form and may be supplemented with the word “EXIT” and/or the equivalent in the local language. Exit signs generally have green lettering to imply a safe place of exit. In the United States, however, the signs are either red or green in color depending on enacted building codes of a state or city. The signage must be visible from any direction of egress travel at all times. Typically, a minimum luminance of greater than 2cd/m2 is required and the ratio of maximum to minimum luminance in any part of the pictogram should be less than 10:1. The ratio of luminance of the background color to the contrast color must be no less than 15:1 and no more than 5:1.

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