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Products Emergency Egress Lights

Emergency egress lighting is provided along escape routes, and in the open areas leading to them, for the safe evacuation of a building in the event of power outages which can occur due to natural disasters, failures of the building’s electrical system, or interruption of power from public facilities. When a building loses normal power, the impaired visibility could negatively affect how people react to an emergency and their ability to evacuate safely. All building codes and safety standards therefore have fundamental requirements for implementation, maintenance and management of emergency lighting for backup operation during power loss. All commercial, industrial, hospitality, health care, retail, public and multi-unit residential buildings are required to operate a specific number and type of emergency luminaires for a specified minimum duration. Emergency egress lights must illuminate internal and external means of egress, including all passageways, turns, corridor intersections, stair treads and landings, exit doors and the exit discharge, so that a building can be quickly and safely evacuated.

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