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Products Emergency LED Drivers

Emergency LED drivers are designed to provide backup power for self-contained emergency lighting products. Emergency lighting is provided to help ensure the safety of a building’s occupants upon failure of the normal utility power, the building’s electrical distribution system, or the accidental opening of circuit breakers. The emergency lighting system should provide dependable illumination to facilitate safe egress in the event of an emergency, to allow for hazardous procedures and critical tasks to be completed, and to deliver a feeling of safety and comfort for people remaining inside until the general lighting is restored. All commercial, industrial and public buildings such as schools, offices, hospitals, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, libraries, museums, passage terminals and factories are required by building codes and safety standards to provide emergency lighting in order to sufficiently illuminate internal and external means of egress so that a building can be quickly and safely evacuated upon the interruption of normal lighting. In these buildings, emergency luminaires are installed along the entire path of egress which include the exit access (the interior pathway), the exit (the exit doorway) and the exit discharge (the area immediately outside the building).

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