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Products Bluetooth Mesh Lighting Controls

Bluetooth lighting controls refer to a family of embedded and self-contained products that serve to build wireless network connectivity and IP-based controllability into luminaires, lamps, sensors, switches and other control devices. They provide protocol stack processing and application layer functionalities required to run a Bluetooth network. Smart lighting relies on the use of a connectivity platform to enable data exchange, distribute control logic, and coordinate operations between the connected devices. The convergence of solid-state lighting (SSL) based on LED technology with the Internet of Things (IoT) is set to open up a new world of value creations. The IoT realm would be an illusion without a robust communication network as a foundation. Bluetooth arrived at the frontier of IoT transformation. It delivers out-of-the-box seamless connectivity and individual addressability to homogeneous and homogeneous classes of digital devices and enables their integration, interoperation and collaboration.

Bluetooth mesh transforms the single-hop BLE topology into a fully decentralized architecture that supports multi-hop, peer-to-peer communication. A mesh network implements a many-to-many topology. Each node communicates with every other node in its direct radio range. It broadcasts a message to every adjoining node which will then participate in broadcasting and relay the received message until the destination is reached. This method is known as flooding, which contrasts with other mesh networks that use destination-based routing (ZigBee, Thread) and source-based routing (Z-Wave).

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