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Products Bike Headlights | Front Bike Lights

A bike headlight produces a focused beam of light to provide a clear field of vision to a rider in darkened conditions, for example in the presence of fog and haze or at night, while informing other road users of the presence of the bike. The headlight illuminates an adequate distance ahead of a bike so that the rider has sufficient time to visually identify and appropriately react to possible dangers ahead. The front bike light also serves to draw attention of oncoming vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians to the bike, and thus improve safety, by creating luminance capable of being seen and distinguished from a distance of at least 500 feet to the front. To put it succinctly, front bike lighting is about seeing and being seen. Bike headlights provide optimal visibility on the road by throwing a beam of light forward with a predetermined illuminance and light distribution, but without blinding oncoming motorists and cyclists.

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