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Products Architectural Floodlights and Spotlights

An architectural floodlight is designed to project a controlled beam of light onto a building facade or an architectural element. Architectural lighting injects character and drama into plain, unpretentious architecture at night and transforms it into an inspired nightscape. Floodlights, with optical distributions ranging from narrow spot to wide flood, are the equipment of choice for translating an architectural lighting design into a memorable, sensible scene. Fascinating patterns of light delivered by these light fixtures can lend prestige, symbolism, and recognition to a building. The artistic use of illumination provides visual interest to architecture, enhances the intrinsic charm, and influences its perceived scale. Architecture that appears neutral during the day becomes an intriguing visual destination that can evoke a wide range of positive emotional responses. Floodlights are used to create architectural impressions for a variety of venues, which include landmarks, skyscrapers, towers, shopping malls, commercial and office buildings, historic buildings, churches, bridges, monuments, etc.

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