Inspired by the experience of viewing art in architectural spaces, Mist creates a meditative glow

As humans, light has the ability to influence the way we feel and perceive our environment. Too much bright white illumination can feel abrasive and imposing, while warm ambient sources bring about a content and calming effect. The latest addition to the SONNEMAN sconce family, Mist, achieves the former’s meditative presence by its very design: a deftly-scaled pure geometry–orbital or rectilinear–which diffuses light through its translucent etched glass materiality.

Museum Quality

Mist is inspired by the experience of viewing art in architectural spaces. Its halo-like diffused glow, pure geometry and etched glass materiality nods to the many ways in which museums intentionally illuminate spaces, be it through translucent architectural wall partitions or the subtle backlight of an artwork. When placed at home and beyond, Mist invokes a similar contemplative ease as spaces designed for observation and stillness.

Of the latest addition to the SONNEMAN’s sconce series, Vice President of Design, Nuno Pires da Silva, says, “Our philosophy always returns to the basic principles of modernism, with form and function coming together in harmony. One clear function of light in museums is to slow down, appreciate beauty and meditate on your surroundings. Mist emulates this, but at home.”

Earthen Tones

Color also contributes to the calming luminescence of Mist, surprising in its thoughtful use of two new etched glass finishes: Amber and Moss. Golden-brown and radiant, Mist in Amber casts a honeyed glow that resembles the warm, golden hues of sunset. Alternatively, Moss is muted and verdant, conjuring the tranquility and lushness of nature.

Bringing a meditative quality home, Mist reinterprets Sonneman’s signature minimalist design vocabulary, subtly departing from crisp geometries to create ethereal shapes through the same lens. The series of sconces–available in round and square forms–is ideal in a variety of environments, bringing a particularly suitable calm home in hallways, powder rooms and more.
Introducing V Panels Pendants and Chandeliers. This new release is designed to celebrate the transformative quality of light. Scaled for residential, hospitality and commercial settings for an enduring modern presence.

Designed to celebrate the transformative quality of light, V Panels refract LED illumination outward as well as downward through the bottom panel edge. Each luminaire is capped with a crisp rectilinear top. These chandeliers are available in multiple configurations, with luminaires of various heights and widths. V Panels is also available as a single pendant, in multiple sizes.

Scaled for residential, hospitality and commercial settings for an enduring modern presence.

Sonneman Introduces V Panels Pendants and Chandeliers
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