650W, 720W, 800W LED Growth Light for Cannabis Cultivation IP65 DLC

650W~800W 0-10V dimmable, intelligent LED growth lights for cannabis cultivation. DOB version available. Listed as follows are some of the other features:

● Ultra-thin design, greatly improves the planting space of plants, ensures that there is enough space for the cannabis to grow.
● The Light bar is available to disassemble, accessories can be shared, saving purchase cost, convenient maintenance. (The light bar can be directly disassembled and replaced without power off, reflecting the humanized design of the product.)
● Tool-free installation. The driver can be directly fixed on the light bar, save the installation time and labor cost.
● Intelligent control system, can control up to 100pcs lamps at the same time. Realize group control and group adjustment.
● Intelligent group controller, LCD display screen, friendly interface and convenient operation.
● 0-10V dimming, dimming option 20%/40%/60%/80%/100%/Power off. The light intensity can be adjusted for different plant growth periods.
● Compact small package design, save transportation charge. (Others: whole lamps in delivery, 400pcs @40HQ VS Sincore Lighting: at least 1100pcs @40HQ)
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