150W Plant Growth Light for Household Cannabis Cultivation

PGLS 150w plant growth light was launched in 2022 by Sincore lighting. It is an upgraded version of PGL plant growth light. In this new version, we have changed the design of the heat sink. The aluminum alloy die casting design is not only to make the product durability, but also the perfect ventilation and heat dissipation function can avoid the excessive surface temperature of the lamp, which will affect the growth of plants. At the same time, we choose isolated driver for this product to ensure it is safer and more reliable. And high luminous efficiency, using the customized spectrum ratio of plant LED chips to simulate sunlight.
● Especially suitable for household cannabis planting.
● Adopt hollow light body structure, good ventilation.
● IP65 rating, well protected against moisture, dust and corrosion.
● 0-10V dimming, the light intensity can be adjusted for different plant
growth periods and different plant species.
● The installation height of the hanging rope is adjustable to increase
the growth space of plants.
● 3 years warranty.
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