What testing conditions are required when ultra-high power sports lights start aging test? Come and see our SP06 sports light in the aging workshop.

Huadian Lighting SP06 super cost-effective new generation LED sports light, up to 1250W ultra high power, 187,500 lumens, big size 520mm diameters make the test more carefully. In the test, we take 24 hours of continuous lighting with working power, and switch voltage to another per hour within the rated voltage range from 100V to 528V. Then 15 seconds off, 30 seconds on, 80 times shocks and continuous lighting 2 hours with voltage 347V, to check out whether there are defective, failures and performance deficiencies products, only products of excellent quality can be shipped finally.

Quality control has always been Huadian Lighting core philosophy, just to make customers more assured.

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