Introducing the new Stryker Max from Eliminator Lighting, a moving head fixture which maximizes creative potential. Compact yet powerful, it can be used to generate a vibrant color wash, piercing beam, or eye-catching visual effect. This versatility makes it ideal for both mobile event production and permanent installation in bars, clubs, and other entertainment venues as well as houses of worship, museums and themed attractions.

The latest addition to Eliminator’s Stryker Series of potent, feature-packed and affordable moving heads, the Stryker Max harnesses the power of six 40-Watt 4-in-1 quad color RGBW LEDs. The output from the LEDs is focused through a lens assembly which allows variable zoom between a narrow 4-degree beam and a wide 55-degree wash. In addition, the lens assembly offers bidirectional rotation, allowing the creation of kaleidoscopic multi-beam effects. Further adding to the creativity offered by the fixture, it also features an outer ring of 60 x 0.5-Watt RGB LEDs which generate ‘eye candy’ effects.

Precise 16-bit stepper motors deliver pan and tilt movement that is fast and precise. The main LEDs offer smooth dimming as well as variable speed strobing and can be used to output white light with a choice of CCT presets (ranging from 2800K to 8500K) as well as vibrant colors selected either via RGBW mixing, hue and saturation control, or preset macros. The outer ring of LEDs can be controlled together via RGB color mixing or used to display a variety of customizable animated chase patterns. The fixture itself is both robust and lightweight (16.5 lbs. / 7.5 kg.) as well as being both ETL and CE approved.

“The Stryker Series is already extremely popular with mobile entertainers and event professionals as well as installers working on a wide variety of integration projects, and the new Stryker Max takes it to a new level,” comments Albert Paredes, Product Manager for Eliminator Lighting. “It is a powerful wash-zoom moving head, with the added advantage of both a rotating lens assembly, which creates impressive aerial effects, and an RGB LED color ring, that can be used to add impressive ‘eye candy’. All this from a compact and lightweight fixture with a very attractive price tag!”

The Eliminator Lighting Stryker Max is available now from ADJ USA and is due to begin shipping from ADJ Europe from the end of September.
Powerful & Feature Rich: Eliminator’s New Stryker Spot

The latest addition to Eliminator Lighting’s Stryker Series of affordable moving heads, the Stryker Spot is a potent LED-powered spot fixture that offers a versatile collection of beam-shaping tools. Compact, lightweight, and easily portable, it is perfect for use by mobile entertainers and event companies. With cETLus and CE approvals, it is also ideal for integrators looking for an affordable and reliable fixture for installation in entertainment venues and houses of worship as well as bars, lounges and nightclubs.

A potent 150-Watt cool white LED engine is focused through precision optics and out through a high-quality glass front lens to deliver a bright and crisp output. Smooth, fast and precise movement is provided by 16-bit stepper motors while motorized zoom delivers a beam angle range of 9° - 14° and motorized focus ensures sharp GOBO projections. The fixture features two independent GOBO wheels, one with eight static fixed GOBOs and another with six replaceable rotating GOBOs. An independent color wheel offers a choice of 7 dichroic options (plus open white) and impressive aerial effects can be generated by two rotating prisms (6-facet circular and 5-facet linear).

Despite its extensive feature set and impressive output, the Stryker Spot has compact dimensions of just 16.4” x 11.5” x 7” / 417mm x 292mm x 180mm (L x W x H) and weighs only 19 lbs. / 8.5kg. It can be controlled via DMX – offering a choice of 16 and 18 channel modes – and is compatible with the RDM protocol which allows remote addressing and fixture management. Alternatively, the fixture is supplied preprogrammed with a variety of standalone programs, including a selection of ‘Target Mode’ options which restrict movement to a defined pan / tilt range to ensure the output is always directed towards the dancefloor or audience. Multiple fixtures can be linked in a Primary/Secondary configuration to run these internal programs, allowing for the easy creation of a synchronized lightshow with no need for programming.

“Small but powerful and packed with features, the Stryker Spot is a versatile moving head that delivers huge creative potential,” comments Albert Paredes, Product Manager for Eliminator Lighting. “With a long-life LED light source and excellent build quality, it offers exceptional value for money, especially considering its output and feature set!”

The Eliminator Lighting Stryker Spot is available now from ADJ USA and is due to begin shipping from ADJ Europe from the end of September.

The Vizi Beam CMY is the next evolution in ADJ’s extremely popular Vizi Series of automated luminaires. A versatile beam fixture, it combines immensely powerful output with an extensive collection of beam-shaping features. Lighting Designers can unlock a spectrum of possibilities with CMY color mixing, while high performance 3-phase pan and tilt motors enable lightning-fast movement as well as extreme precision. Designed to produce stunning aerial effects for largescale events and big stage productions, the unit itself is remarkably compact and therefore convenient to rig, transport and store.

At the heart of the Vizi Beam CMY is the extremely powerful Osram Sirius HRI 310W PRO discharge lamp. Its intense light output is harnessed through precision-engineered optics to deliver a stunning 2-degree beam projected from a high-quality glass front lens. The lamp outputs a native color temperature of 7850K (+/- 500K) with a CRI of 86 (+/- 5). Its long-life design offers a run time of approximately 6,000 hours, significantly reducing the cost and inconvenience of lamp replacement compared to regular discharge fixtures.

The fixture’s motorized head offers a 540-degree pan range combined with a tilt range of 270-degrees. High speed 3-phase motors allow for extremely fast movement, making the fixture ideal for generating intense aerial effects. In addition, 16-bit fine pan and tilt control allow for extreme precision as well as silky smooth movement at slow speeds.

The Vizi Beam CMY delivers lighting designers a wealth of creative potential thanks to an extensive collection of onboard beam-shaping tools. A vast spectrum of colors can be created by combining the fixture’s variable cyan, magenta, and yellow color wheels in varying intensities. The inclusion of CMY wheels instead of flags allows for faster color transitions as well as smoother color mixing. This system also facilitates impressive color scrolling effects where the beam appears to morph from one color to another. For added versatility, the unit also boasts a 14-position dichroic color wheel loaded with a selection of popular color choices as well as CTB (9000K) and CTO (3200K) white color correction filters. The wheel is indexed to allow for selection of split colors and can also be set to scroll continuously at a choice of speeds. In addition, the fixture also features a unique five-color dichroic (red, green, orange, blue and yellow), which can be applied to generate a multi-colored beam effect.

A separate wheel features 17 static GOBO patterns, including four beam reducers. The GOBOs have been carefully curated for generating impressive beam projections and a GOBO shake effect offers lighting designers another creative tool. The fixture is also equipped with two rotating prisms – 16-facet circular and 6-facet linear – which can be overlayed to generate complex projection effects. The unit’s mechanical shutter can be used to create a variable dimming effect or to generate a variety of different strobe effects (regular, pulse, or random) with variable speed. Motorized focus, with precise 16-bit control, can be used to ensure GOBOs are sharply focused over varying projection distances or to deliberately blur them for creative effect. Finally, a frost filter is also included, which can be used to significantly blur the output and allow the fixture to serve as a wash light.

The fixture itself is extremely robust and designed to withstand the rigors of the road. However, considering its exceptional brightness and extensive feature set, it is both impressively lightweight and compact. Measuring 9.8” x 14.3” x 17.9” / 248mm x 364mm x 454.8mm (L x W x H) and weighing in at 38.5 lbs. / 17.5 kg., the fixture is convenient to carry and rig. It features mechanical pan and tilt locks, to prevent unwanted movement during rigging and transport, and its base is fitted with a pair of useful carrying handles. It also features large rubber feet – for deployment directly on a stage or riser – and is supplied with a pair of Omega brackets to allow the attachment of truss clamps. The fixture is cETLus approved, providing assurance of quality and compliance with American National Standards.

Locking power input and output sockets on the base of the fixture allow the electrical supply for multiple units to be connected to a single outlet and 5-pin DMX input and output sockets allow the connection of a control signal. In addition, the fixture is also equipped with a next generation Aria X2 wireless transceiver. This allows wireless DMX control via an extremely stable mesh network as well as remote fixture management from the Aria X2 smartphone app and OTA wireless firmware updates.

A large color LCD screen on the front of the unit, together with five push buttons, provides an extensive menu-driven interface for fixture setup and DMX addressing. The luminaire offers a choice of two DMX channel modes (20 or 24 channel) and also has a Manual Control mode that allows access to all of the fixture’s features directly from the menu screen for testing or to create a static look without the need for a DMX controller.

“Innovation meets performance in the new Vizi Beam CMY,” comments ADJ USA’s Director of Sales, Alfred Gonzales. “This latest beam fixture is a significant step forward for ADJ’s popular Vizi Series. It combines huge light output and high-quality optics with an extensive feature set including CMY color mixing, which is extremely uncommon for a beam fixture at this price point. Add into the mix an additional color wheel, unique split color effect, separate GOBO wheel, two rotating prisms, a frost filter, and super-fast 3-phase motors, as well as Aria X2 wireless DMX and remote device management, and the Vizi Beam CMY leads the field for mid-market beam fixtures.”

The Vizi Beam CMY will be available from ADJ USA TBC and from ADJ Europe TBC. Two Vizi Beam CMY fixtures can be comfortably stored and transported in the DRC MHX road case available from ADJ USA and a dedicated custom touring case for the fixture will also be available from ADJ Europe.

Find out more about the Vizi Beam CMY here:

Elevate your lighting performance with the ADJ Lighting Vizi Beam RX2, a compact and quick moving head beam fixture designed for the modern lighting designer. Featuring a vigorous 100W Osram Sirius HRI discharge lamp with a 6,000-hour lifespan, this potent fixture delivers stunning visuals with a precise 2-degree beam angle, as well as, high speed 3-phase pan/tilt motors for maximum performance. Vizi Beam RX2 is designed for live events and venues looking for a small footprint lighting fixture that creates high impact lightshow.

Building on the success of ADJ’s extremely popular Vizi Beam RXONE, the new Vizi Beam RX2 features the same high output and small form factor but combined with an enhanced feature set. A tiny fixture that packs a serious punch, this dedicated moving head beam offers an extra rotating prism, motorized focus, 3-phase pan/tilt motors and Aria X2 wireless connectivity in addition to all the features and functionality of the original RXONE.

Unlock a wealth of features including on-board wireless DMX, two prism wheels (16-facet circular & 4-facet linear), a frost effect, motorized focus (with 16-bit fine focus), along with a 14-color dichroic wheel that includes CTO (3200K), CTB (4500K & 9000K) & UV filters) and 15 static GOBOs + open (3 GOBOs are beam reducers). The fixture boasts advanced features, including 2 rotating prisms (16-facet circular & 6-facet linear + prism overlay), a frost filter for creating wash effects, and pan/tilt locks for added stability during transportation and rigging. With a color LCD display, 0-100% smooth dimming, and various strobe speeds, the Vizi Beam CMY offers intuitive control. Designed for convenience, it features outdoor-rated In/Out locking connections for power daisy-chaining, 5-pin In/Out DMX sockets and a color LCD display with 4-button function menu. The Vizi Beam RX2 is a versatile and reliable lighting solution for any high-octane event.

Designed for both the installation and rental/production markets, the Vizi Beam RX2 features an efficient OSRAM Sirius HRI 100-Watt discharge lamp, focused through a high quality glass lenses into a crisp 2-degree beam. This beam – capable of travelling a distance of up to 100 meters – can be used to generate impressive aerial effects and the fixture’s low weight (16.5 lbs. / 7.5 kg.) and compact dimensions (9” x 12” x 16.3” / 230mm x 304mm x 416mm [L x W x H]) mean that it can be easily utilized in large quantities without overloading trusses.

The fixture features a carefully-curated feature set designed to provide exactly what a lighting designer wants from this type of fixture. A 14 position (+ open white) color wheel features a selection of vibrant dichroic filters, as well as CTO (3200K), CTB (4500K & 9000K) and UV, and is indexed allowing for the selection of split colors. This is paired with a separate wheel featuring 15 static metal-stamped GOBO patterns (+ open spot), which includes three beam reducers. A frost filter allows the fixture to switch to a wash output and the pair of rotating prisms (16-facet circular and 4-facet linear) allow for the creation of impressive mid-air effects. Motorized focus allows both prisms, as well as single GOBO projections, to be brought perfectly into focus or artistically blurred out.

A significant upgrade for this new model, the 3-phase pan and tilt motors allow for extremely quick movement as well as precise positioning. Meanwhile, the inclusion of the new Aria X2 wireless management suite not only allows for wireless DMX control, but remote fixture configuration via Bluetooth and OTA (Over The Air) wireless firmware updates. The fixture is also compatible with RDM and features a large backlit LCD display and intuitive menu interface to allow configuration directly from the unit.

“The Vizi Beam RXONE has been a persistent best seller for ADJ,” comments ADJ USA’s Director of Sales, Alfred Gonzales, “due to its compact size, low weight and impressive output. The new Vizi Beam RX2 inherits everything that made the original version so popular and adds extremely useful additional features that make it the ultimate ultra compact beam luminaire.”
ADJ Lighting Announces New Partnership With DWR Distribution In South Africa

To provide improved support for existing customers and grow the company’s presence in South Africa, ADJ is pleased to announce a new partnership with DWR Distribution. Offering quicker delivery as well as enhanced local technical and sales support for ADJ’s South African customers, DWR is now ADJ’s exclusive distributor in the country for its ‘Select’ range of professional entertainment lighting, LED video and atmospheric effects equipment. A well-established and well-respected company in the local market, DWR Distribution is ideally placed to support existing customers and introduce new integrators and rental companies to the quality, reliability and value offered by the ADJ range.

Established in 2006, DWR Distribution serves an extensive customer base of companies using professional entertainment technology for a wide range of applications. The organization already represents an impressive collection of market-leading AVL brands, to which ADJ is a logical addition. Based out of a 2000sqm facility in Johannesburg, DWR provides technical backup, support, training and a service workshop to serve customers across South Africa. At the heart of the company’s ethos is the slogan ‘it’s all about the people’. This relates both to DWR’s friendly and skillful team and the extensive network of relationships they have built up with customers across the country.

"We are partnering with ADJ to address a market segment that DWR currently isn’t serving," says Duncan Riley, Director at DWR Distribution. "Due to geopolitical and currency fluctuations within our market, there's a growing demand from startups, houses of worship, nightclubs and small-to-medium-sized rental companies seeking gear for their businesses. DWR is typically associated with top-tier brands, however we recognize that many clients have different requirements but still want quality solutions along with support from DWR Distribution. We aim to meet our customers’ needs with this new partnership.”

"I’ve had extensive discussions with Jos Reulen [ADJ Europe’s Export Manager], and we’ve decided to move forward with representing ADJ in South Africa. I’m excited to support new clients by maintaining adequate stock levels and upholding the reliable customer support that DWR is known for," Riley adds. "This new market represents a positive development for DWR, and we thank ADJ for this opportunity to represent the brand in our region."

ADJ serves the mid-market AVL rental, event production and installation sectors of the industry, from headquarters in Los Angeles, California as well as regional facilities in Mexico and The Netherlands. ADJ’s range includes moving head luminaires, static washes, beam effects, audience blinders, strobes, DMX control hardware/software, LED video panels and related accessories, as well as fog, haze, and other atmospheric effect generators. Established in 1985, ADJ has almost 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing entertainment lighting products and has developed a worldwide reputation for quality, reliability and value. The company’s products are used worldwide for events, productions, and festivals of all sizes, and are also installed in a wide variety of venues including nightclubs, concert halls, theaters, houses of worship and theme parks. ADJ Europe distinguishes products at the top of the company’s portfolio – those specifically designed for production/rental and larger installation projects – as the ‘Select’ range.

“ADJ is already well-established in South Africa,” states Sebastian Mobers, ADJ Europe’s Sales Director, “with our fixtures used by numerous rental companies and integrators to service a wide variety of live event and installation projects. However, we are confident that there is much growth potential in the market. Partnering with DWR Distribution, which has an approach to quality customer service that resonates with our own, is a logical next step to realize this growth potential.”

“It has been a pleasure to work with Duncan and his team as we have moved towards formalizing this new partnership,” adds Jos Reulen, Export Manager for ADJ Europe. “I am confident that DWR Distribution is the right company to provide fantastic customer service to existing ADJ customers in South Africa as well as to introduce our Select product catalog to a wide variety of new customers in the country’s vibrant entertainment sector. This new distribution arrangement will also allow us to provide better customer service through onsite product demos, quicker order fulfilment, as well as local technical support and after sales service, for which DWR has a stellar reputation.”

DWR Distribution is ADJ’s exclusive distributor for the Select product range in South Africa with immediate effect. More information about the company can be found at and sales enquiries from customers in South Africa should be sent directly to
ADJ’s New LED Strobe/wash Fixtures Offer a Jolt of Creativity in Any Weather

Taking ADJ’s best-selling Jolt Series of multifunctional strobe/wash fixtures to the next level, the new Jolt Panel FXIP and Jolt Bar FXIP feature IP65-rated weatherproof casing designs that allow the fixtures to be used safely outdoors in any weather. Delivering lighting designers the creative potential of dazzlingly bright white strobe/blinder LEDs combined with zone-controllable RGB color mixing LEDs in the same versatile fixture, these new Jolt Series luminaires also offer a variety of other improvements and upgrades over the original models.

Both fixtures feature a central strip of 5-Watt cool white SMD LEDs which are extremely bright and, when combined in multiples on the face of each Jolt fixture, generate truly intense strobe and blinder effects. The white LEDs are surrounded on both sides by arrays of 0.5-Watt RGB color mixing LEDs (increased from 0.3-Watt on the original models). A wide variety of vibrant color options can be achieved using the RGB LEDs through individual dimming control of the independent red, green, and blue elements. Used as single-color sources, the fixtures can be used to generate potent washes that cover a large area. Alternatively, through use of the zone control function, each independent block of LEDs can be controlled separately to allow for the creation of dynamic chases and other animated pattern effects.

The Jolt Bar FXIP features a central strip of 112 x white LEDs, surrounded on both sides by a total of 448 color LEDs. Both types of LED are grouped into independently controllable zones (16 white and 32 color), which means the unit can also be used to generate strobe chases and colored ‘eye candy’ animated pattern effects. Measuring 1m in length (39.4”), the fixture is compact in its other dimensions (4.19” / 106.4mm and 5.42” / 137.5mm) and weighs an easily manageable 20.5lbs. / 9.3kg. It features two variable angle brackets, which can be used to set the unit directly onto the floor of a stage or attach clamps to facilitate truss mounting either vertically or horizontally. This upgraded version is also supplied with Omega Receiver Brackets which can easily replace the angle brackets and allow a pair of Omega clamps to attach directly to the rear of the fixture. Magnets fitted into each end of the fixture aid with creating seamless runs of LEDs across two or more fixtures. Each unit is also supplied with a metal bracket, screwed into the back panel for convenient storage, which can be used to secure neighboring units in place after the magnets are used to achieve perfect alignment.

The Jolt Panel FXIP incorporates 48 x white LEDs, surrounded on both sides by a total of 800 x RGB LEDs, arranged in a panel configuration. Again, both types of LED are grouped into independently controllable zones (6 white and 40 color), allowing for the creation of eye-catching animated chase patterns. With dimensions of 6.06” (153.8mm) x 16.42” (417mm) x 10.38” (263.5mm) [L x W x H], the fixture is big enough to assert its presence within a lighting rig but compact enough to be easily setup and transported. It weighs in at 13.67 lbs. / 6.2kg and is supplied with a variable angle yoke, which locks into place securely using two large plastic handles. This yoke features a reinforced design that represents a significant upgrade from the original model. Alternatively, the yoke can be removed and the unit features mounting points on the back which allow direct connection of an Omega bracket.

Another significant upgrade can be found in the construction of the units. Not only do they offer IP65-ratings, but they have been reengineered with more robust, touring grade enclosures. Built from thick metal with sleek rounded corners, both fixtures are ready to withstand the rigors of the road when transported from show to show in touring carts. They can be used outside in any weather conditions, but even for indoor shows their IP65-rated design offers protection from thrown drinks, confetti, haze residue, and other particulates. This ensures rock solid reliability as well as permitting a reduced maintenance schedule.

Both models are equipped with wireless DMX transceivers – an upgrade over the original versions – which utilize the new Aria X2 technology. This not only provides extremely stable wireless signal distribution by creating a wireless mesh network between all compatible fixtures but also allows remote fixture management that provides full access to the system menu remotely via a smartphone app.

Another useful upgrade is the addition of a dedicated slot in the front of each fixture designed to accommodate a light modifier. Featuring a spring-loaded locking mechanism, this allows filters to be quickly, easily, and securely positioned in front of the LEDs. Both models are supplied with an optional frost filter, which slides into the channel and blurs the LED output to generate a distinctly different effect with less pixelization. In addition, other filters are available as optional extras, including a black option and a curved 3D textured filter, further adding to the creative versatility these fixtures offer to lighting designers.

DMX addressing and mode selection (the Jolt Bar FXIP offers 13 channel options ranging from 6 to 126 and the Jolt Panel FXIP supports 10 options ranging from 6 to 141 channels) is facilitated via a large backlit LCD display on the rear panel of each fixture. These provide access to a menu-driven interface navigated via four push buttons, which also allows configuration of the fixtures’ various operating parameters including selectable dimming modes, dimming curves and LED refresh rates.

IP65-rated locking power input and output sockets are provided on both models, with the later allowing the power supply for multiple fixtures to be daisy chained from a single outlet (6 @ 120V / 12 @ 230V). The fixtures are also equipped with 5-pin input and output sockets for connection of a wired DMX control signal and all four sockets are fitted with rubber caps which provide protection from liquids and dust while not in use.

“The original Jolt Series fixtures have proven to be extremely popular, both in the touring/rental and venue integration markets,” comments ADJ USA’s Director of Sales, Alfred Gonzales. “However, a consistent request from customers was for an IP65-rated version that can be used safely for outdoor stages and events in any weather. The Jolt Bar FXIP and Jolt Panel FXIP satisfy that request while also integrating other significant improvements over the original design. The result are truly versatile LED strobe/wash panel and bar fixtures that provide lighting designers with huge creative freedom both in their deployment and in the variety of effects they can be used to produce. Ideal for outdoor festival stages and EDM events, these new models elevate ADJ’s flagship Jolt Series to the next level.”
Updated PAR-Z Fixtures Offer The Perfect Fusion of Classic Style & Modern LED Technology

A staple of concerts, theatre productions and venue lighting systems for decades, par cans have an indisputably iconic look. ADJ’s original Par Z fixtures took this classic external design and gave it a new lease of life by combining it with potent and highly efficient LED light engines. Now, ADJ has revisited this concept to create updated versions of these best-selling fixtures. The new PAR Z100 3K2, PAR Z100 5K2 and PAR Z150 RGBA, which feature a number of small upgrades and improvements on the original models, are the perfect modern par can for every kind of stage or entertainment lighting application.

These LED-powered fixtures look exactly the same as a regular black par can, but inside their casing is housed a powerful LED light source. Offering output comparable to a 1000W sealed beam par, but producing a fraction of the excess heat, the PAR Z100 3K2, PAR Z100 5K2 and PAR Z150 RGBA are ideal for illuminating stages while ensuring that performers won’t get too hot, reducing power consumption, and removing the need for regular lamp replacements.

The PAR Z100 3K2 features a warm white 100-Watt C.O.B. (Chip On Board) LED source with a color temperature of 3000K, which offers a good approximation to the output of a traditional warm white halogen lamp. The PAR Z100 5K2 is fitted with a cool white C.O.B LED source with a color temperature of 5000K, which makes for a starker and more intense beam. Both models offer a CRI in excess of 90, which ensures that skin tones appear natural when they are used to illuminate performers and colors look realistic when they are used to light stage sets.

These two fixtures each offer an adjustable beam angle of 9, 15, 20, 25 or 30-degrees, which can be easily changed using a manual latch system. This makes them extremely versatile, suitable for both spotlighting and stage washing duties. They are also supplied with gel frames that can be used to mount color and diffusion filters (sold separately), which adds to the flexibility of these unique fixtures.

The PAR Z150 RGBA is a color version, which harnesses the power of a 150-Watt RGBA C.O.B. LED engine to generate an even wash and extremely smooth color mixing with no color shadows. By combining varied amounts of the red, green, blue, and amber primary LED color elements, users can achieve an almost limitless palette of colors including bold vibrant hues and subtle pastel shades. 64 macros are also supplied that allow quick selection of popular colors to allow fast programming. The fixture also offers variable color temperature for white light washes, making it an ideal fixture for stage lighting, covering both key light and color washing duties. The color temperature can be adjusted between 2300K (very warm) and 9900K (extremely cool) with a series of presets providing easy access to popular temperatures. Manual adjustment on this fixture also allows easy selection between five beam angle options – 7, 11.5, 16, 20.5 or 25-degrees – and a gel frame is included which can be used to introduce a diffusion filter (sold separately) to offer further beam angle options.

With a life expectancy rated at 50,000 hours, the C.O.B. LED light sources that power these fixtures should never need to be replaced, no matter how much use they get. This removes the expense of replacement lamps and the worry that one will go part way through an important show. In addition to 0-100% flicker-free dimming, with a choice of four different dimming curves and six dimming modes, these LED-powered par fixtures also offer variable speed strobing between 0.6Hz and 7.5Hz.

Each unit is fitted with 5-pin DMX input and output sockets and a 4-line digital LED display screen, together with four corresponding push buttons. These provide access to an intuitive menu-driven interface which allows convenient DMX addressing and mode selection. The PAR Z100 3K2 and PAR Z100 5K2 models each offer a choice of three DMX control modes (1, 3 or 4-channel), while the PAR Z150 RGBA supports nine DMX modes (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12-channel) – allow for varying levels of control complexity to suit a wide variety of different applications.

Just like a regular par, the Par Z fixtures each feature an adjustable hanging bracket that can be securely locked into place using two plastic thumb-tightening screws. The fixtures also offer locking power input and output connection sockets. And, thanks to their low power draw, multiple units can be daisy-chained together from a single power outlet (up to 25 Par Z100 3K2 fixtures @ 230V).

All three models are the same size and shape as a regular par can, measuring 19.25” x 10.94” x 10.68” / 489mm x 277.7mm x 271.1mm (LxWxH), and have the same robust metal construction. Each fixture weighs in at a very manageable 7.94 lbs. / 3.6kg. This lightweight, yet strong design makes the units ideal for use on touring productions and one-off events as well as for permanent installation in theatres and concert venues.

Black metal barn doors, PAR64-BD, are available as an optional extra, which are compatible with all three of the new Par Z fixtures. They help users to manually shape where the light shines using four leaves that can each be independently positioned. The barn door assembly is attached to the fixture through insertion into the gel frame holder clip.

“The new PAR Z100 3K2, PAR Z100 5K2 and PAR Z150 RGBA allow lighting and stage designers to achieve the look of traditional par cans while enjoying the technological conveniences of modern LED technology,” comments ADJ USA’s Director of Sales, Alfred Gonzales. “With advantages including low power draw, high efficiency, minimal excess heat, no need for dimmer packs, variable beam angle, and a choice between two white light color temperatures or full RGBA color mixing, these next generation fixtures are the ideal professional choice for contemporary par can use.”
ADJ’s Hydro Series: IP65-rated Moving Heads for Spectacular Lighting in Any Weather

ADJ’s Hydro series: IP65-rated moving heads for spectacular lighting in any weather the ADJ Hydro series is a comprehensive range of IP65-rated automated luminaires that includes all the major fixture types, most with a choice of size options. Every model boasts rugged touring grade construction and a weatherproof design that means they can be safely used for temporary outdoor events even when there is risk of rain, snow or strong winds. Each Hydro series luminaire has been carefully curated to offer the features lighting designers require while remaining lightweight and compact for their respective class of fixture. Designed to last, with premium components throughout, the Hydro series fixtures also offer incredibly good value for money, providing excellent ROI for rental houses and making good quality IP65-rated moving heads affordable for the first time to smaller production houses.

“When the first Hydro Series fixtures were introduced back in 2018,” comments ADJ USA’s Director of Sales, Alfred Gonzales, “they were indisputably game-changing. They brought weatherproof moving heads within the reach of a huge number of production companies and rental houses working on projects with budgets that up until that point would not have allowed for IP-rated fixtures. Since then, the Hydro Series has expanded to include every fixture type and has been thoroughly road tested on festivals and events worldwide. From the rainy fields of England to the dusty deserts of California, and from the humid beaches of Tahiti to the freezing winter snow of Lake Placid, Hydro Series fixtures have consistently allowed lighting professionals to successfully deliver outdoor events in the most challenging of weather conditions. However, the fixtures aren’t designed solely to be used outdoors. For indoor shows their sealed-shells protect the units from dirt, dust, drinks and haze residue to prevent build-up on internal components and therefore offer a prolonged operational life and reduced maintenance requirement.”

Serving interchangeably as a beam, spot or wash luminaire, the Hydro Hybrid is the latest addition to the series. This powerful and feature-packed fixture harnesses the full potential of a potent Osram SIRIUS HRI 420W discharge lamp, focused through precision optics, to deliver an output of up to 14,416 Lumens. It’s expansive feature set includes CMY color mixing and an additional 12-position color wheel, two GOBO wheels (one with 14 fixed static patterns and one with 9 slots for replaceable indexed-rotating GOBOs), two rotating prisms on separate planes (8-facet circular and 6-facet linear), motorized focus, motorized zoom (1.6° - 17.7°: Spot Mode; 3.1° - 39.2°: Beam Mode) and a Frost Filter. Supplied with a variety of pre-programmed macros – for color, GOBO and prism selection – the Hydro Hybrid is designed from the ground-up to make Lighting Designers lives easier and to allow their creative visions to be effectively realized. From piercing aerial beam effects, to crisp surface GOBO projections, and soft-edged washes, this powerful and flexible fixture has every base covered.

The flagship of the Series is the Hydro Profile, a lighting powerhouse which combines a potent 660-Watt cool white LED light engine, precision-engineered optics, and an expansive feature set to deliver crisp projections with a massive output of 26,000 Lumens. Heading up the fixture’s collection of beam-shaping tools is a 4-blade framing system. Each shutter is controlled using two independent motors, one for each side, which allows the individual blades to be applied at any desired angle. In addition, rotation of the combined shutter assembly means the shape created using the four shutters can be precisely positioned. Further manipulation of the output is provided by motorized zoom (6 ~ 45-degrees), iris and focus, as well as two frost filters options. An almost unlimited variety of aerial effects and surface pattern projections can be created using the Hydro Profile. It features two independent GOBO wheels, one with 7 indexed, rotatable patterns and the other with 8 fixed patterns, all of which are replaceable. It also incorporates two indexed, rotatable prisms – 4-facet circular and 6-facet linear – as well as an animation wheel. Any desired color can also be selected thanks to a CMY color mixing system with additional CTO flag. The fixture also offers a separate 7-position color wheel which is loaded with a selection of useful (replaceable) dichroics, including CTB and High CRI filters.

A dedicated beam fixture, the Hydro Beam X12 is a nimble luminaire that has an intense, razor-sharp output. It combines the punchy Philips® Platinum 12R LL MSD 6000-hour discharge lamp with a carefully curated selection of beam-shaping tools. The fixture delivers a huge output of up to 522,000 lux (measured at a 10m distance) and is capable of firing its beam across a vast distance, creating impressive aerial effects shooting right up into the night sky. For a luminaire offering such a powerful output, rich feature-set and IP65-rating, the Hydro Beam X12 is remarkably lightweight at just 48 lbs. (21.8 kg.). This allows for extremely quick pan and tilt movement, which empowers lighting designers to create impressive fast-paced aerial effects. A 16-position (plus open) stamped metal GOBO wheel features a collection of break-apart patterns and simple shapes, including four beam reducers. These can be kept sharp using motorized focus and have been carefully chosen to allow the creation of engaging beam effects. The fixture also features a separate color wheel, offering 14 options, including CTB (6000K), CTO (3200K) and UV. A choice of two prisms completes the unit’s collection of beam-shaping tools. Both the 6-facet linear and 24-facet circular prism offer bidirectional rotation, while the two prisms can also be overlaid, with different rotation speed and direction, to create complex diffracted beam patterns.

Offering an impressive 15,000 Lumen output derived from a potent 320-Watt cool white LED engine, the Hydro Spot 2 is a feature-packed spot fixture. From animation wheel, twin GOBO wheels and two rotatable prism options (6-facet circular and 5-facet linear), to CMY color mixing with variable CTO flag and an additional 7-position color wheel (including 5600K CTB and High CRI filters), it offers all the tools a lighting designer could wish for. One of the GOBO wheels allows indexed rotation, while the other is static, and the rotating patterns are also replaceable. Motorized zoom allows for a beam angle variable between a tight 8-degrees and wide 41-degrees, while motorized focus can be used to ensure sharp pattern projections and aerial beam effects or to deliberately blur GOBOs to create more ambient effects. In addition, two variable frost filter options – medium and heavy – can be used to further blur projected images or to generate a soft-edged wash output.

The Hydro Wash X19 is powerful and versatile zooming wash fixture. It incorporates 19 x Osram 40-Watt RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs, making for an impressive total of 760-Watts. The LEDs offer smooth color mixing, allowing for the creation of a wide variety of different hues, and are arranged in three concentric circles. Each LED is individually controllable, meaning pixel-mapped effects can be generated, with support available for both the KlingNet and Artnet control protocols as well as standard DMX-512. Linear motorized focus allows the beam angle to vary between a narrow 6-degrees and wide 40-degrees. This allows the fixture to be used to create tight mid-air beam effects as well as to bathe large areas with vibrant color washes at different moments during the same show.

For applications that call for compact fixtures, the Hydro Spot 1 is a small, LED-powered spot. Harnessing the power of a potent 200-Watt cool white LED light engine, the luminaire delivers punchy output with even coverage. Its extensive feature set provides lighting designers with a wealth of creative potential. This starts with motorized zoom, allowing for a variable beam angle of 11° ~ 22°, which is paired with motorized focus to ensure pattern projections remain sharp regardless of distance. The fixture features two independent color wheels, each loaded with 8 dichroics, including CTO, CTB and UV filters. It also offers a separate GOBO wheel, which has 6 slots for replaceable, rotating glass or aluminum GOBO patterns. Two rotating prisms (5-facet linear & 6-facet circular) allow for the creation of stunning aerial effects, while two frost filters (light and heavy) allow for blurring the edges of GOBO patterns and creating a wash output, respectively.

Equally compact, the Hydro Wash X7 is a wash fixture which harnesses the power of seven 40W Osram 4-in-1 (RGBW) LEDs. Each LED can be controlled independently, which allows for the creation of dazzling ‘eye candy’ visuals through full pixel-mapping. The unit also offers motorized zoom with a wide range of between 6 and 40-degrees. This makes the fixture equally suited to generating large washes of punchy saturated colors as it is to creating narrow solid beams ideal for impactful aerial effects.

Rounding out the series’ collection of compact fixture options, the Hydro Beam X1 is a small moving head that packs a mighty punch. This dedicated beam luminaire is powered by an Osram Sirius HRI 100W discharge lamp that offers an impressively long operating life of 6,000 hours. Combined with precision optics and a tight 3-degree beam angle, this allows the fixture to generate a powerful beam that travels over a long distance and is capable of creating a wide variety of stunning midair effects. Despite its small size, the X1 packs in plenty of beam-shaping features. Its color wheel offers a diverse selection of 14 color options, including UV and a CTB color correction filter, plus open white. A second wheel is loaded with a varied selection of 15 GOBO patterns plus open, which include 4 beam reducers and the versatile fixture also features a 16-facet bi-directional rotating circular prism as well as an independent frost filter.

In addition to the comprehensive collection of automated luminaires, the ADJ Hydro Series also features a dedicated mobile service tool known as the Hydro Tester IP. Designed to assess the integrity of compatible IP-rated lighting fixtures, including the complete Hydro Series of moving heads, this compact device is a versatile and intuitive service tool. It is intended for use by competent technicians at production companies, dealers and rental houses who want to open and reseal the cases of IP-rated fixtures to carry out tasks such as lamp or GOBO replacement and regular maintenance. The easily portable unit is built into a rugged carry case, complete with a storage compartment for the supplied power lead and air hose. It can be used to test the integrity of an IP-rated fixture by performing both pressure and vacuum tests. This procedure is essential after a sealed fixture’s case has opened before it is again subject to wet, humid or dusty conditions. A convenient color LCD display, with six accompanying navigation buttons, provides access to a menu-driven interface for operating the tester, which is both intuitive and comprehensive. Manual tests can be easily setup, however, the unit is supplied preloaded with presets for ADJ’s entire IP-rated fixture catalog, which when selected will automatically set the correct parameters for the chosen fixture type.
ADJ To Showcase Latest Entertainment Technology at Prolight + Sound Frankfurt

Setting the stage for another successful year, ADJ will utilize the upcoming Prolight + Sound exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany to showcase a variety of the company’s newest lighting and LED video products. On display will be the latest additions to the company’s Vizi and Hydro Series of automated luminaires, as well as the new ElectraPix Series of robust and versatile battery-powered wash fixtures. The booth will also showcase the new WMS2 high resolution LED video panel and the much-anticipated IP-rated Jolt Series strobe/blinders, as well as the Aria X2 wireless lighting control solution.

The next evolution in ADJ’s extremely popular Vizi Series of automated luminaires, the new Vizi Beam CMY is a powerful and feature-packed dedicated beam fixture. Harnessing the full potential of the 310W Osram Sirius HRI discharge lamp, paired with precision engineered optics, it generates a potent and crisp 2-degree beam that is ideal for generating awe-inspiring aerial effects. Lighting Designers can unlock a spectrum of possibilities with CMY color mixing, paired with a 14-color dichroic wheel that includes CTO (3200K), CTB (9000k) & UV filters. In addition, the fixture offers a versatile GOBO wheel loaded with 17 static patterns (including 4 beam reducers) and a dynamic GOBO shake effect. Users can also enjoy the flexibility of on-board wireless DMX, motorized focus, 16-bit fine focus and high speed 3-phase pan and tilt motors which deliver fast movement and meticulous control. The fixture’s extensive feature set also includes two rotating prisms (16-facet circular and 6-facet linear) which may be overlayed, as well as a frost filter for creating wash effects.

Offering a host of advanced features, the ElectraPix Series is a collection of versatile battery powered and wirelessly controllable LED wash fixtures. Each product in the series features the same color-calibrated 20-Watt Hex (RGBAL+UV) LEDs which deliver incredible color mixing potential as well as a high CRI. In addition, an arrangement of 0.2-Watt RGB color mixing LEDs surrounds the main LEDs to generate a background glow effect. The series is made up of three fixtures, which each feature versatile floor-standing / hanging brackets as well as an integrated L Track system which can be used to easily attach a range of rigging accessories. The ElectraPix Bar 8 is a compact 0.5-meter linear fixture that incorporates eight LEDs. The larger ElectraPix Bar 16 measures 1-meter in length and features 16 LEDs. Finally, the ElectraPix Par 7 is a complementary LED par fixture loaded with seven LEDs.

The ADJ Hydro Series is a comprehensive range of IP65-rated automated luminaires that each boast rugged touring grade construction, premium components, and a carefully curated feature set, delivering exceptional ROI potential. A powerful and feature-packed luminaire, the Hydro Hybrid is the latest new edition to the range. It harnesses the full potential of a potent Osram SIRIUS HRI 420W discharge lamp, focused through precision optics, to deliver an output of up to 14,416 Lumens. Its expansive feature set includes CMY color mixing and an additional 12-position color wheel, two GOBO wheels (one fixed static and one replaceable indexed-rotating), two rotating prisms (8-facet circular and 6-facet linear), motorized focus and motorized zoom (1.6° - 17.7°: Spot Mode; 3.1° - 39.2°: Beam Mode).

Expanding ADJ’s catalog of professional LED video panel products, the new WMS2 is the company’s highest resolution offering to date. It features an arrangement of RGB SMD1515 color mixing LEDs and generates a brightness of 800 NITS. Offering a pixel pitch of just 2.6mm, resulting in a pixel density of 147,456/m2, the panel delivers excellent definition even from a close viewing distance. Measuring 1000mm x 500mm (39.3” x 19.9”), each panel is made up of eight individual modules of 96 x 96 pixels. With a front serviceable design, this vibrant video display solution can be mounted directly to a wall, with a seamless edge-to-edge finish, either horizontally or vertically. It is therefore ideal for a wide variety of integration applications, including shop window displays, museums and attractions, boardrooms, meeting and event spaces, digital signage, houses of worship and entertainment venues.

The new Aria X2 wireless lighting control solution is a next generation multi-band system designed to increase the reliability and transmission range for cable free communication of a DMX signal between console and fixtures. Featuring an advanced proprietary protocol, it creates a wireless mesh that allows all Aria X2 devices within a given system to transmit the DMX signal between one another, which establishes an extremely robust network. On display at ADJ’s Prolight + Sound booth will be the Aria X2 Transceiver, which features twin wireless antennas as well as 5-pin DMX input and thru connections. An Aria X2 network can be configured from the large display screen located on the front of the transceiver or using a dedicated mobile app. In addition, the app can also be used to remotely configure compatible fixtures and provide basic DMX control. All the new lighting fixtures on display at Prolight + Sound 2024 are equipped with Aria X2 compatible wireless transceivers as are many of the other ADJ fixtures released recently.

Popular with concert lighting designers and nightclub integrators alike, ADJ’s Jolt Series features a collection of potent fixtures which each combine brilliant bright white strobe/blinder LEDs with multi-colored wash LEDs in the same versatile unit. Taking the series to the next level, the new Jolt Bar FXIP and Jolt Panel FXIP offer the same creative potential but with touring grade casings that are IP65-rated for safe use outdoors in any weather conditions. The linear fixture features a central strip of 112 x 5-Watt cool white SMD LEDs (grouped into 16 individually controllable zones), surrounded on both sides by a total of 448 x 0.5-Watt RGB color mixing SMD LEDs (in 32 zones). The panel fixture is equipped with 48 x 0.5-Watt cool white SMD LEDs (divided into 6 zones) alongside 800 x 0.5-Watt RGB SMD LEDs (in 40 zones). Both fixtures are packed with advanced features, including wireless DMX and internal program macros, and are supplied with a frost lens that easily attaches to a dedicated slot in the front of the unit.

“Prolight + Sound Frankfurt remains an important event on the industry calendar,” comments ADJ’s European Sales Director, Sebastian Mobers. “It attracts entertainment technology professionals from across Europe as well as many international visitors. With lots of exciting new products to showcase, the entire ADJ Europe team is looking forward to welcoming both new and existing customers to our booth at the show, as well as introducing our latest fixtures to lighting designers, technicians, and other entertainment technology professionals.”

Prolight + Sound 2024 will take place at Messe Frankfurt, Tuesday March 19th thru Friday March 22nd. ADJ will be exhibiting from booth #E57 in Hall 12.1, where the company’s experienced and multilingual team of sales and product specialists will be on hand to answer questions and provide one-on-one demos.
ADJ Lighting Introduces Lime-Infused Upgrade to Popular Ultra Bar Series of Linear Wash Fixtures

With a proven track record in the event production and venue integration markets, ADJ’s Ultra Bar Series of linear LED wash luminaires are consistent best sellers. The company is now pleased to introduce the latest evolution of the series, the lime-infused UBL6H, UBL9H and UBL12H. Offering huge color mixing potential, including color temperature variable between 2,300K and 9,900K, and a high CRI, these versatile fixtures can be deployed for uplighting, downlighting, stage washing and dancefloor illumination as well as to create ‘eye candy’ effects thanks to comprehensive zone control. The UBL6H, UBL9H and UBL12H are available new from ADJ USA and will be available from ADJ Europe in mid-February.

Available in six (UBL6H), nine (UBL9H) and twelve (UBL12H) LED variants, the new Ultra Bar Lime fixtures each feature the same potent 20-Watt HEX color (red, green, blue, amber, lime and UV) LEDs. Arranged in independently controllable pairs or groups of three, these ultra bright LEDs offer smooth color mixing to allow the creation of a wide variety of hues and shades. In addition, the fixtures can also be used to generate white light output with color temperature variable between 2,300K (very warm) and 9,900K (extremely cool). The inclusion of the lime LED chip allows for an impressively high CRI of >90, which means that the fixture’s output will render colors accurately when used to illuminate scenery, décor, and people, which is particularly important to ensure clarity, depth, and natural skin tones. Adding even more versatility, the UV element allows the creation of a ‘black light’ effect, which causes white and neon colored décor and clothing to glow when used alone. It can also be combined with the other LED elements to create vibrant colors like hot pink, deep purple, and electric blue.

With a concise native beam angle of 17°, the fixtures are ideal for uplighting or downlighting walls, drapes, curtains, or scenery. However, for applications that require wider coverage – illuminating a stage or dance floor, for example – each unit is supplied with a diffusion filter, which expands the beam angle to 20°. In addition, 40° diffusion filters are also available as optional accessories for each model. The filters are all quick and easy to fit by sliding into a channel on the front of each bar, locked in place by a single thumb tightening screw.

Each bar is fitted with robust rubber feet as well as a pair of removable variable angle brackets, which allows for versatile deployment mounted vertically, horizontally or standing directly on the floor. Another useful feature, Horizontal Magnetic Alignment, allows for multiple fixtures of the same model to be joined together when used for uplighting to create a seamless output.

The UBL6H is 22.4” wide, the UB9H is 42.6” (1082mm) wide and the UB12H is 42.6” (1082mm) wide, while all three models have the same height of 4.2” (106.7mm) and width of 2.96” (75mm). With a robust metal construction, they are designed for the rigorous demands of event production but are also conveniently lightweight at 4.41 lbs. (2kg), 7.28 lbs. (3.3kg) and 7.5lbs (3.4kg), respectively. The fixtures’ input and output sockets – 5-pin DMX and locking power – are usefully located at either side of each unit, allowing for convenient and neat cable runs. The inclusion of the power output sockets allows the electrical supply for multiple units to be ‘daisy-chained’ from a single outlet. Up to 17 UBL12Hs can be linked @120V (32 @ 230V), rising to as many as 26 UBL6Hs @120V (50 @ 230V).

All three models offer a choice of five operational modes: Auto Run, Program Mode, Sound Trigger (utilizing an in-built microphone), RGBAL+UV Manual (allowing easy selection of any desired color) and DMX. Each unit offers a choice of seven different DMX modes, with the larger channel options facilitating independent control of each pair of LEDs as well as a dedicated linear color temperature channel. As an additional control option, all three models are also supplied with an ADJ UC-IR24 wireless remote control, which allows quick and easy selection of popular color options. A backlit digital display with an intuitive 4-button menu interface on the side panel allows easy mode selection, DMX addressing and configuration of operating parameters.

The fixtures offer a choice of six selectable dimming modes (Standard, Stage, TV, Architectural, Theatre & Stage 2) as well as four selectable dimming curve options (Square, Linear, Inv. Square and S. Curve). 64 built in color macros are provided to aid with programming and variable speed strobing adds to the units’ versatility. The RDM protocol is also supported, allowing remote DMX addressing when using a compatible control system.

“Combining flexibility with fantastic output, the ADJ Ultra Bar Series is an industry staple in both the event production and integration worlds,” explains ADJ USA’s Director of Sales, Alfred Gonzales. “This is set to continue for many years to come thanks to the latest evolution of the series, which sees the fixtures updated with the latest lime LED technology. The UBL6H, UBL9H and UBL12H all offer the same durable, lightweight, and versatile design as well as the same color-calibrated 20-Watt LEDs, allowing for mixing and matching of fixtures to achieve specific lengths. Useful features such as magnetic alignment, versatile brackets, optional frost filters and linear color temperature control are paired with a high CRI and twin LED zone control to deliver linear LED fixtures that are perfect for a wide variety of integration and temporary event applications.”

The UBL6H, UBL9H and UBL12H are available new from ADJ USA and will be available from ADJ Europe in mid-February.

Find out more about each individual fixture here:
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