Exciting news! WISETECH will be participating in two major events in March 2024. Join us at Hall 2.2-E088 at the Cologne International Hardware Fair from March 3rd to March 6th and at Hall 10.2-E10A at the Frankfurt Light+Building Fair from March 3rd to March 8th. We welcome everyone to visit our booth and explore the latest innovations!

Xiamen Wisetech Lighting Co., Ltd., an ODM factory established in December 2012 in Torch High-tech Zone, Xiang'an, Xiamen, is a dynamic enterprise specializing in the research, development, and manufacturing of professional work lights. Our primary focus is on crafting professional mobile flood lights designed specifically for the European market.

Distinguished by our commitment to excellence, we've garnered prestigious accolades such as the A DESIGN AWARD in Italy, CONTEMPORARY GOOD DESIGN, and the HONG KONG CONTEMPORARY DESIGN AWARDS for our latest 18V tool battery work lights. Our dedication to quality has positioned us as a mobile flood light expert in the industry.

Within our modern enterprise framework, we've seamlessly integrated advanced R&D, production, and quality management systems. Our emphasis on talent cultivation, close communication with customers, and fast response based on market feedback enhances the core competitiveness of our products. We aspire to merge industry, architecture, technology, classic design, and art into our LED work lights, providing customers with professional products that reflect contemporary needs and offer an unparalleled experience.

Guided by the principles of "Customer Priority, Fast Response, Coordinated Development, Intelligent Mfg.," and inspired by the core values of patriotism, dedication, integrity, and friendship, we are steadfast in our mission to deliver professional mobile flood lights to the EU market.

WISETECH ODM Factory --- Your Mobile Flood Lights Expert!

Wisetech to Attend the Cologne International Hardware Fair and the Frankfurt Light+Building Fair
Tonight marks the prestigious ceremony for the 2023 Contemporary Good Design Award, also coinciding with the exuberant Designer's Night hosted by the organizers of the Red Dot Design. Thomas, the CEO and Product Manager of WISETECH, graciously responded to the organizers' invitation to attend this grand event. In the evaluation of the 2023 Contemporary Good Design Award, WISETECH's tripod light secured unanimous recognition from the organizers, taking a prominent position throughout the ceremony. This serves as a resounding affirmation of WISETECH's prowess in the design and innovation of mobile floodlights.

We express our heartfelt gratitude for the organizers' enthusiastic invitation and the unanimous acclaim from judges around the world. WISETECH's product team is poised to redouble efforts, unveiling new and remarkable additions in the upcoming 2024 product series. We hope to convey that outstanding products don't stem from copying, imitation, or engaging in price wars. Instead, they demand a profound understanding of user needs, continuous improvement, and innovation based on addressing customer pain points, ultimately creating works that genuinely satisfy our clients.

WISETECH ODM Factory --- Your Mobile Flood Lights Expert!

At Wisetech, we take pride in presenting our 47W 5000 lumen 360 mobile flood light, designed to excel in both indoor and outdoor settings. This versatile powerhouse is engineered for a wide range of applications, from precision painting to demanding construction job sites and challenging outdoor environments.

What sets our 360 mobile flood light apart is its incredible 360° illumination beam angle, ensuring no corner remains in the dark. Whether it's lighting up a detailed project indoors or illuminating a rugged outdoor workspace, this flood light delivers exceptional performance.

Installation is a breeze-effortlessly mount it to a tripod for stability or hang it vertically using the integrated hook in the base. Its impact-resistant dome, constructed from robust plastic, guarantees durability even in the harshest conditions.

But that's not all, our construction flood light features a socket designed to withstand dust and water, ensuring reliable performance. This socket can also be used to link multiple lamps or connect other electronic equipment, with a maximum power rating of 2800W.

At Wisetech, we are more than just a manufacturer, we are your trusted partner in innovative lighting solutions. Our commitment to quality and excellence shines through every product we create.

Experience the brilliance of WISETECH 360° portable work light and elevate your workspace to new heights.

WISETECH --- Your Mobile Flood Light Expert!

We are thrilled to announce that the WISETECH 18V Interchangeable Tool Battery Pack Aluminum Shield Mobile Flood Light has been awarded the prestigious A Design Bronze Award in Italy! This recognition highlights our commitment to innovative and cutting-edge lighting solutions for professionals like you.

Designed with durability and functionality in mind, our award-winning work light is built to withstand the toughest job site conditions. With an impressive IK08 impact resistance rating and IP65 waterproof rating, it can handle accidental drops and exposure to water with ease. You can trust that our work light will keep shining bright, no matter the challenges you face.

One of the standout features of our work light is its compatibility with all 18V power battery packs. We understand that professionals rely on a range of power tools, and our design team has worked diligently to ensure that our work light can seamlessly connect with different battery packs through our specially designed adaptors. This versatility saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Imagine yourself on a bustling construction site, confidently wielding our work light with its sturdy aluminum shield. Its powerful illumination cuts through the darkness, providing optimal visibility and enhancing safety. You can easily navigate through complex tasks, knowing that you have a reliable and adaptable lighting solution by your side.

But our commitment doesn't end with performance and compatibility. We are also proud to emphasize our dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The WISETECH 18V Mobile Work Light is crafted using eco-friendly materials, minimizing our ecological footprint and contributing to a greener future.

Join the countless professionals who have chosen WISETECH as their trusted lighting partner. With our award-winning design, exceptional durability, and unmatched compatibility, our work light empowers you to achieve your best work while enjoying the convenience and versatility you deserve.

Together, let's illuminate the world of construction and beyond. Discover the power of the WISETECH 18V Interchangeable Tool Battery Pack Aluminum Shield Mobile Flood Light and experience lighting excellence like never before.

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