Need Advice where can i buy a better driver and is it worth it?

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Need Advice where can i buy a better driver and is it worth it?


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hello folks,
forgive me if i skip the longer introducing part. Im usually not spending a lot of time in forums. I will do so in case ill come back frequently:)

Now i bought a cheap growlight, a 65 watt simple low profil aluminumpanel and a dimmeable driver. The whole unit was 38eu and that gives me an idea about the efficiency of the driver. Its getting pretty warm, i have no idea how much power it takes i would guess 75-80% efficiency cant be far from the truth. The panel is pretty nice actually and sufficient for me, i already attached some aluminum-heatsinks at the back and reduced temps dramatically. Not that it was "dangerously" hot in first place, but i like modding and making stuff better, even if it was cheap sh.. from aliexpress.

Now i would like to have a more efficient driver for that lamp, if thats possible. Not a crazy efficient driver, but something more healthy. Im a little bit into electronics and electrics, but i dont really know much about diodes. I know they need a constant current driver, because the voltage of the driver is adjusting all the time after i turn on the lamp and its heating up. There are 206 samsung LM281+ diodes on that board, but looking up the specs doesnt help me at all because i have no idea how theyre wired. The driver shows 24V on full power. So if the driver is pretty inefficient maybe the panel only suck 50-55 watt in reality?

Would be best if someonce whos really into this can just link me a driver unit that fits. It just would not be reasonable to spend more than 30eu on that driver.

and another thing, i bought 2 of these dirtcheap bluerple growlights. They are meant to be added to soething, not to work on their own. E27 bulbs.I just bought them out of curiousity to see how much power they pull and its only 6 watt. They claimed 20 watts, no surprise. But there are 200 diodes on that board and that means each diode only consumes an ridicolous low amount of wattage. I dont know which diodes are built in, but do you think its possible to power that thing up? Maybe the output is limited on purpose by a resistor and its possible to change it?

these are 2835 smd diodes and in that config they only consume 30mw each. Could it really be there are 2835 diodes that weak? Or did they limit the power because of heat-concerns?

help would be appriciated


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As to the driver, I think you can use it as long as the temperature is less than 80℃. It's not good to change the driver because you don't know the LED's connection of the light panel.
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