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Martin Lighting - Provides professional entertainment and architectural lighting solutions. Aarhus, Denmark.

A world leader in dynamic lighting solutions for the entertainment, architectural and commercial sectors, Martin offers innovative, superior-quality solutions with more than 25 years of design and technical excellence. Martin’s award-winning lighting and video systems are the solutions of choice for lighting designers, rental houses and installers across the globe. Martin also offers a range of advanced lighting controllers and smoke machines to complement its lighting and video systems...

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Martin Lighting has a new update entry:

Martin Professional Introduces ERA 800 LED Profile for Stadium-sized Stage and Live Productions

Introducing the Martin Professional ERA 800: A High-Output Lighting Solution Tailored for Festival Stages. Designed to fulfill the demand for an ultra-bright, compact, tour-worthy moving head, the Martin ERA 800 Performance combines a feature-loaded, rugged, yet cost-efficient profile for entertainment and rental applications. Boasting an impressive 34,000 lumen output, the ERA 800 is designed to illuminate even the most expansive stages, ensuring a captivating and immersive atmosphere for...

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Martin Lighting has a new update entry:

Martin Professional Unveils the MAC Encore Family of Full-featured LED Moving Heads

Introducing the Martin Professional MAC Encore family —redefining LED stage lighting. MAC Encore's cold unit promises a pristine, neutral daylight, showcasing stages in their purest essence. The unparalleled full-spectrum illumination is set to redefine the visual ambiance of your events.

MAC Encore™ is a family of full-featured, record-breaking low weight, LED moving heads that deliver levels of light quality and consistent performance never seen before in LED-based stage lighting units...

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Martin Lighting has a new update entry:

Martin Introduces New P3 System Control Hardware and Significantly Enhanced Software Update

HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control, recently introduced its Martin P3-175 and P3-275 System Controllers and P3 Software Update 6.0.0. Martin’s latest generation of P3 tools are tuned specifically for Martin fixtures, unveiling limitless potential.

P3 System Controllers offer tight, accurate and full control over P3-enabled fixtures from one central location. Automated mapping, scaling, configuring, and addressing of fixtures saves time and...

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Martin Lighting has a new update entry:

Martin Professional Introduces ERA 700 Performance IP Moving Head Light

We're thrilled to introduce the ERA 700 Performance IP, a game-changer in outdoor lighting design. Engineered for resilience, it is your ideal solution for long-term installations in challenging environments. It's perfectly suited for the dynamic demands of theme parks, stadiums, and arenas, bringing a new level of enchantment and excitement to these spaces.

Martin Professional’s ERA 700 Performance IP is specially...

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Martin Lighting has a new update entry:

Martin Professional Introduces MAC One Creative BeamWash Moving Head with Fresnel Lens

Introducing the new MAC One, a trailblazing creative BeamWash and Eye-Candy fixture that transcends expectations, empowers limitless creative expression and revolutionizes stage design.

Featuring captivating aerial effects, a Fresnel lens, an innovative 24 RGB LED backlight system, 2,400 lm output and narrow beam intensity of 300,000 cd in a compact 4 kg / 8.8 lb form factor; MAC One defies limitations for creative potential while remaining highly portable.

HARMAN Professional...

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