Introducing the new MAC One, a trailblazing creative BeamWash and Eye-Candy fixture that transcends expectations, empowers limitless creative expression and revolutionizes stage design.

Featuring captivating aerial effects, a Fresnel lens, an innovative 24 RGB LED backlight system, 2,400 lm output and narrow beam intensity of 300,000 cd in a compact 4 kg / 8.8 lb form factor; MAC One defies limitations for creative potential while remaining highly portable.

HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control systems, today announced the launch of the Martin MAC One, its revolutionary new Beam, Wash and Eye-Candy fixture, featuring a captivating Fresnel lens that transforms any stage or event into an extraordinary visual spectacle.

MAC One excels in three powerful feature areas. First, its narrow, high-intensity beam packs the same punch as larger, heavier fixtures to enable robust and vibrant aerial effects. Its stunning Fresnel lens creates a soft wash with a wide 4 to 27-degree zoom range, delivering seamless transitions and engaging visual effects. Rounding out the robust feature-set is an innovative backlight system with 24 RGB effect LEDs within the lens to guarantee memorable and show-stopping visual experiences.

With an impressive output of 2,400 lm and a narrow beam intensity of 300,000 cd, MAC One's performance is unparalleled in its category. Powered by a custom-developed 120 W RGBL (Red, Green, Blue, Lime) LED engine, it ensures higher light quality (CRI, TM-30, TLCI) than traditional RGBW fixtures, appealing to discerning lighting designers.

MAC One stands out against competing fixtures by delivering an innovative combination of features in an incredibly compact and low-weight form-factor. The fixture is easy to handle and manage, opening up a world of creative possibilities for lighting designers and users. More fixtures can be used in a show without compromising weight or space limitations, resulting in lower transport costs and a significant return on investment for rental companies.

Whether you are a lighting designer, rental company, or event organizer, MAC One is the answer for creating big looks with many fixtures, utilizing a compact fixture for tight spaces or enthralling the stage with captivating eye-candy effects. Transcend expectations, empower creative expression and revolutionize the stage with MAC One.

"We can’t wait for LDs and users to experience MAC One for themselves. To say it’s like nothing else out there, really is an understatement as it packs so much creative potential into such a compact package,” said Wouter Verlinden, Martin Product Manager, Creative LED, Lighting, and Control. “Our goal was to combine a nice punchy beam with that classic throwback Fresnel lens and then once we added the RGB effect LEDs, it really has become a fixture that can do so many things in so many different applications. We look forward to everyone getting to experience it in person.”


A Punch Above + Well Defined Intensity
With 2,400 lm output from a form factor just above 4kg, MAC One features great output to size ratio, delivering impressive light output from a compact and lightweight fixture. Additionally, MAC One’s narrow beam intensity of 300,000 cd ensures a well-defined, tight, fast, and responsive mid-air beam.

High Quality Light Output + Beaming Brilliance
Martin’s custom-designed 120 W RGBL (Red, Green, Blue, Lime) LED engine with higher CRI / TM-30 / TLCI offers better rendering of people and costumes for demanding broadcast and theater applications. With a 4 to 27 degree zoom, MAC One can deliver a tight, fast, and well-defined beam, but also a soft-edged wash with its championed Fresnel lens, often loved by lighting designers.

Beautiful to Look At, Beautiful to Light Up
MAC One offers precision control for the most demanding applications in broadcast and theatre and the ability to remove unwanted flicker in broadcast applications. It also offers beautiful eye-candy, empowering it to decorate the stage when the fixture is not being used as a beam or wash.

Extremely Compact Size
Weighing just 4.4 kg / 9.7 lbs, MAC One is easy to deploy in large quantities and reduces shipping costs and environmental impact. It’s also perfect for venues with load-bearing limits or space-constraints.

Accessory Adaptations
With the optional fourbar accessory, MAC One fixtures can be transported, rigged, unrigged, and cabled in blocks of four, saving time when deploying several fixtures. An optional grid mount adapter enables the fixtures to be rigged in (self-supported) lines and matrices for creation of a “wall of light” without needing a custom rigging structure. Lines and matrices can contain a mix of MAC One and VDO Atomic Bold and Dot fixtures.

Connection is Key
Control the fixtures with a mix of Video and DMX using DMX, Art-Net, sACN and P3 connections. With P3 Control you can easily reduce the needed DMX channels / console parameters and make the most of the easy setup, mapping and addressing via the Martin P3 System Controller. Video can be mapped onto Beam, Aura or both.

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We're thrilled to introduce the ERA 700 Performance IP, a game-changer in outdoor lighting design. Engineered for resilience, it is your ideal solution for long-term installations in challenging environments. It's perfectly suited for the dynamic demands of theme parks, stadiums, and arenas, bringing a new level of enchantment and excitement to these spaces.

Martin Professional’s ERA 700 Performance IP is specially designed for permanent outdoor entertainment use and can withstand extreme environmental conditions for greater immersive lightshows. It offers a comprehensive toolkit for lighting design, including a CMYC color mixing system, full curtain framing system, dual gobo wheels, dual prisms, dual frost, animation, and a wide range of new gobo selections. Standing at only 759mm in height with an output of 26,000 lumens and weighing below 40kg, it is a reliable workhorse, delivering the perfect lumen output needed for larger outdoor shows and rental and installation applications. It is ideal for a wide range of architainment needs.

Designed around extreme environmental conditions, the ERA 700 Performance IP has the ability to work flawlessly from -20 degrees Celsius to +40 degrees Celsius, with C5M marine-grade salinity protection against harsh elements. The innovative active humidity control system maintains optimal humidity levels within the unit, preventing moisture-related issues and ensuring consistent performance.

Elevate your outdoor lighting designs to unprecedented heights with the ERA 700 Performance IP. Discover how the ERA 700 Performance IP can elevate your outdoor lighting designs to new heights.

Northridge, California — HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, lighting, video and control systems, today announced its Martin ERA 700 Performance IP, a state-of-the-art LED-based profile fixture, designed for permanent outdoor entertainment use, to complete Martin’s ERA family of fixtures. With its robust construction and innovative features, the ERA 700 Performance IP offers lighting designers and system integrators a comprehensive toolkit for creating immersive and visually stunning lightshows in even the most challenging environments.

The ERA 700 Performance IP is engineered to withstand extreme environmental conditions, making it the perfect choice for larger outdoor shows, rental applications, and architainment installations. With an impressive 26,000 lumens, this fixture delivers the ideal output for captivating outdoor lighting displays. Despite its power, the ERA 700 Performance IP stands at a compact height of only 759mm and weighs below 40kg, providing a lightweight and reliable solution for various outdoor projects.

Designed with durability in mind, the ERA 700 Performance IP can flawlessly operate in a wide range of temperatures and boasts C5M marine-grade salinity protection which shields the fixture against harsh elements, ensuring its longevity and consistent performance. Its IP65+ rating and advanced gasket design provide superior protection against dust and water ingress, eliminating the need for protection domes commonly used in outdoor installations.

In addition to its exceptional performance, the ERA 700 Performance IP prioritizes security and ease of integration with an incorporated anti-tamper box, preventing unauthorized access to power and data, making it an ideal choice for installations in public spaces.

With its compact size, impressive performance, and extensive feature set, the ERA 700 Performance IP is set to revolutionize outdoor lighting. Its durability, serviceability, and innovative technologies make it the preferred choice for professionals seeking high-performance lighting solutions. The fixture is now available for order and is available in black and white finishes to support various outdoor installation needs, including theme parks and cruise ships.

"The ERA 700 Performance IP represents a significant milestone in outdoor lighting technology," said Mark Mercer-Buss, Martin Lighting Product Manager, HARMAN Professional Solutions. "We've listened to the needs of our customers and developed a fixture that combines reliability, versatility, and security. Its robust design and advanced features make it an exceptional choice for both rental and installation markets, offering lighting professionals an outstanding solution for their outdoor projects."


Comprehensive Toolkit and New Gobo Designs

CMYC color mixing, dual gobo wheels, dual prisms, dual frost, new gobos, animation and a full curtain framing system offer the lighting designer a full toolkit to turn heads in any application. New gobo designs ensure that theatrical and architainment applications are all capably supported.

Anti-Tamper Box for Security and Added Outdoor Protection
Prevents someone from removing power/data from the fixture in more public environments while also enhancing environmental protection around power/data connectors and increasing the ingress protection rating to IP66.

All-Weather and C5M Environmental Protection Plus Active Humidity Control
With an IP65+ outdoor rating, this fixture can be used outdoors and can withstand extreme environmental conditions including rain, snow, heat, and dust over long periods of time. C5M marine-grade salinity protection ensures protection in increased saline environments. The active humidity and heating control system monitors humidity levels inside the fixture to ensure the optical system is working optimally and protected from moisture and condensation.

Ease of Service and Easy Access
A clever gasket design and innovations borrowed from Martin Exterior products enable easy access to gobo changes and serviceable items without the use of specialized tools and without damaging the IP protection.

Networking with Fail-Safe Bypass
New for the ERA family, support for Art-Net and sACN capability enables seamless integration into lighting systems with fail-safe bypass technology, ensuring uninterrupted operation and data passthrough, even in the event of a fixture failure to ensure non-interruption of the network stream.

Ideal Weight and Size Plus Seamless Aesthetics
Rental/touring and installation applications require IP66 fixtures to be lighter and more compact, and the ERA 700 Performance IP comes in below 40kg and measures just 759mm in height. Available in white and black, the ERA 700 Performance IP blends seamlessly in many outdoor installations, including theme parks and cruise ships.
HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control, recently introduced its Martin P3-175 and P3-275 System Controllers and P3 Software Update 6.0.0. Martin’s latest generation of P3 tools are tuned specifically for Martin fixtures, unveiling limitless potential.

P3 System Controllers offer tight, accurate and full control over P3-enabled fixtures from one central location. Automated mapping, scaling, configuring, and addressing of fixtures saves time and eliminates the need to address fixtures locally.

The new Martin P3-175 and P3-275 System Controllers support video input up to 4K over HDMI and NDI with significantly increased output-capacity. Real-time previews illustrate how DMX controls and video will be rendered on the fixtures even when using a mix of control methods. The new hardware is fitted with the latest processors to deliver a smooth and responsive user experience.

Integrating with third-party software via the MVR standard, P3 System Controllers are able to import and export industry-standard files eliminating duplicate actions, enabling designs (and patches) to be shared between lighting consoles, CAD programs, visualizers and the Martin P3 ecosystem.

Undergoing major upgrades, the new P3 Software Update 6.0.0 presents an all-new, redesigned, modern interface which is ergonomic, smooth, and responsive with better support for darkened front of house and other performance-monitoring environments. P3 System Controller Software 6.0.0 enables real-time feedback and remote system monitoring empowering system integrators to diagnose problems before they occur.

“We are truly excited to elevate Martin P3 system control with a next-generation update that takes video-mapping of creative LED fixtures to a whole other level,“ said Wouter Verlinden, Product Manager Creative LED, Lighting and Control. “We were looking for ways to save designers valuable time. Custom content creation simplified with the ability to export a mask of mapped fixtures and the ability to import and export MVR files was just the beginning. We can’t wait for everyone to experience the new P3 software enhancements and our newest P3 System Controllers.”

Version 6.0.0 of Martin P3 System Controller software is available for the brand new P3-175 and P3-275 System Controllers, but also for the legacy P3-050, P3-150 and P3-300 models, extending those units with all the new features and enhancements. Version 6.0.0 is also available for our P3-PC version, running on any Windows computer and allowing lighting designers to get started easily and for free. It can be used as a basic mapping tool; addressing tool; Art-Net / sACN to P3 bridge; or as a full P3 control solution - mixing lighting controls and video content into fixtures. P3-PC System Controller Software 6.0.0 is now also compatible with Windows 11.

Feature Highlights:
  • Mix DMX and Video Control - Gives the lighting designer the freedom to create unique looks by entering parameters or by sending content to fixtures to ultimately create the ideal look that the designer envisions.
  • Time-Saving MVR Integration - Mapping and patches can be exported to third-party lighting consoles, visualizers, and CAD programs. There is no need to re-create a system repeatedly using different software packages.
  • Remote Addressing and Setting - Eliminates the need to physically access fixtures to address and configure each one locally via the display.
  • Real-Time Monitoring - Offers a complete view of your entire system to diagnose any issues.
  • System-wide Synchronization - Deliver perfect performance across the entire system, without visible lag and latency issues.
  • Live Preview - Visualize results during pre-programming without connecting actual fixtures.

Additional Details and Specifications
Introducing the Martin Professional MAC Encore family —redefining LED stage lighting. MAC Encore's cold unit promises a pristine, neutral daylight, showcasing stages in their purest essence. The unparalleled full-spectrum illumination is set to redefine the visual ambiance of your events.

MAC Encore™ is a family of full-featured, record-breaking low weight, LED moving heads that deliver levels of light quality and consistent performance never seen before in LED-based stage lighting units. Designed to produce premium white light in two dedicated color temperature variants for a wide variety of applications where critical lighting is required, MAC Encore is the whisper-silent benchmark, when quality of light, silent operation and tour-proven sturdiness are key to the performance.

Considering an upgrade or planning a new project? Discover more about the transformative power of MAC Encore:

Introducing the Martin Professional ERA 800: A High-Output Lighting Solution Tailored for Festival Stages. Designed to fulfill the demand for an ultra-bright, compact, tour-worthy moving head, the Martin ERA 800 Performance combines a feature-loaded, rugged, yet cost-efficient profile for entertainment and rental applications. Boasting an impressive 34,000 lumen output, the ERA 800 is designed to illuminate even the most expansive stages, ensuring a captivating and immersive atmosphere for your audience.

The ERA 800 Performance features a highly efficient, super-bright 800W white LED engine that produces a bright, sharp 6,500K gobo projection with a flat field. Additional benefits include 1:8 zoom, electronic dimming and strobe, full CMY color mixing and separate color wheel, variable color temperature control, animation wheel, iris for beam adjustment and fixed and rotating gobo wheels, loaded with user-favorite gobos from the renowned Martin MAC range that include a wide variety of effects, especially when combined with the two included rotating prisms and soft and heavy frost filters.

The ERA 800 Performance includes a full curtain framing system which offers lighting designers a high degree of flexibility to achieve precise looks on stage. The full curtain framing system allows each of the four framing blades to cross the full beam independently for complete blackout. In addition, the entire framing module can rotate 120 degrees, allowing for precise and accurate image projection for the desired stage area. When fully focused, gobos can be framed with a soft edge, enabling designers a high degree of flexibility in the lighting design.

The ERA 800 Performance is very compact and low weight for its class making it easy to handle and rig. The modular design makes accessing and replacing of effects safe, quick, and easy – modules can be swapped in less than a minute.

With 7 to 56 degrees of zoom, the ERA 800 Performance works great even on larger trim heights. Zooming is fast and accurate and maintains a high output throughout the range.

The ERA 800 Performance features precise color temperature control with variable color temperature correction (CTO) and vibrant CMY color mixing from light and smooth pastels to rich, saturated primaries. The color wheel produces nice color splits, fast color bumps and extends overall color gamut and brightness.

Perfect for big, stadium-sized stage and live productions, the Martin ERA 800 Performance is ideal for a long list of scenarios, requiring an extremely bright, yet truly versatile LED profile that offers near limitless design and usage potential.

Discover the potential of the ERA 800 by Martin Professional and transform your festival stage at

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